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API Specification Q1 9th Edition Fundamentals and Practitioner

This course frames the management system requirements in a managerial and business prospective and provides a working understanding of the 9th Edition requirements. Participants will be given insight into the drivers behind Q1's importance and its value in the oil and natural gas industry. Using practical examples and hands-on application, the course is designed to progressively give you introductory to advanced knowledge of Q1 requirements and interpretations. Presented by Aston Technical Consulting Services, June 4 to 7; Mireaux Management Solutions, June 4 to 7; Bureau of Quality Surveillance, June 5 to 8, June 18 to 21, July 16 to 19; Inserpetrol, June 5 to 8; Qualified Specialists International, June 18 to 21, July 23 to 26; Eurotech Assessment and Certification Services, June 25 to 28, July 23 to 26; Global Management Solutions, June 25 to 28, July 23 to 26; ICO International Group, June 25 to 28; AxiomLogistics, July 9 to 12. To learn more and to register, visit the API-U Calendar.