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API Course Offering | Fundamentals of Auditing and Lead Auditing

"The Fundamentals of Auditing" two-day course covers auditing fundamentals and auditing processes that are unique to the API program. The third day, the Lead Auditor course, offers additional information on leading an audit team.

Presented by: AxiomLogics, Inc., Sept. 9-11, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, Oct. 28-30; Qualified Specialists, International, Sept. 10-12, Nov. 5-7; Global Management Solutions Ltd., Sept. 16-18, Nov. 18-20; Mireaux Management Solutions, Sept. 23-25, Nov. 18-20; Aston Technical Consulting Services, LLC, Oct. 21-23; Bureau of Quality Surveillance, Inc., Oct. 23-25; Career Performance Enhancement, LLC, Nov. 18-20. To learn more about this course and to register, visit the API-U Calendar. To learn more about the new Auditor Certification Program, visit API Auditor Certifications.