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API Training Course - Virtual Dates Now Available | Spec Q1 9th Edition Fundamentals and Practitioner

Participants will be given insight into the drivers behind Q1's importance and its value in the Oil & Natural Gas Industry. Using practical examples and hands-on application, the course is designed to give introductory to advanced knowledge of Q1 requirements and interpretations. To learn more and to register, visit the API-U Calendar.

Presented by: AJA Registrars, July 16-17; BQS, July 20-23; Qualified Specialists, July 20-23; AxiomLogics, Aug. 3-6; LEED Intl., Aug. 5-8; Global Corp. Sol., Aug. 6-14; Sea&Oil Tech. Services, Aug. 7-10; Eurotech Assessment, Aug. 10-13; Inserpetrol, Aug. 11-13; Global Mgmt. Sol., Aug. 18-21; Veritas, Aug. 24-27; Mireaux Mgmt. Sol., Aug. 25-28.