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SANGEA-4, the oil and gas industry's GHG emission calculation solution

SANGEA-4 is the user-friendly software program used by petroleum and natural gas companies for estimating, managing and reporting greenhouse gas emissions. The current version, SANGEA-4.3, offers protocols based on the API Compendium 2009 and US EPA Mandatory Reporting Rule for GHG Emissions, including US EPA MRR Subparts C, P, W, and Y, as well as AP-42 emission factors for criteria air pollutants. It has been updated to address the most recent US regulatory changes and to improve reporting options by incorporating a supplemental tool to directly interface the program's output data with a company's enterprise resource planning system to improve efficiency and accuracy. With reporting year 2017 just around the corner, US and international SANGEA customers, existing and new, will need to begin the process of gathering data for their GHG emission reporting. Learn more about how your organization can use SANGEA-4.