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Novel PET/CT approach may improve accuracy of VTE diagnosis

South Korean researchers found that PET/CT with the new radiotracer F-18-GP1 was able to identify thromboembolic foci in all 20 individuals with pulmonary embolism or deep-vein thrombosis who had symptoms of venous thromboembolism and to display elevated uptake in 12 patients' distal veins of the leg that went undetected by standard imaging, as well as showed that F-18-GPI uptake had a positive association with P-selectin-positive circulating platelets. The approach, described in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, "may provide not only more accurate anatomic localization, but also information on the risk of the clot growth or embolization" and may prompt personalized treatments for acute VTE, said researcher Dr. Dae Hyuk Moon.

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