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New Lean for Trades Toolbox Talk: 8 Wastes in Construction

AGC's Lean Construction Forum Steering Committee has developed a new resource to introduce Lean Construction concepts to the job site! The AGC Lean for Trades Toolbox Talk Series has 10-minute conversational huddles to help your team identify ways to improve processes, eliminate waste and adopt a Lean culture in the shop and field. Each Toolbox Talk session, released monthly, reviews a concept your members can use to create discussion, teach and grow their team's understanding of Lean and determine how they can work more productively and collaboratively . Members can review the slide deck in an office or on a site, use the lesson to explain the concept, discuss the concept and use the printable handout to pass out as a tool to help implement positive change.

This month, the Lean Construction Forum highlights:

8 Wastes in Construction
Contributed by Joel Lehrer, Ivey Mechanical Company
8 Wastes in Construction PowerPoint
8 Wastes in Construction PDF
8 Wastes in Construction Printable Card

Interested in learning more about the Lean for Trades Toolbox Talks? Here's a video discussing how the Lean for Trades Toolbox Talks can benefit your members today!

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