A leadership lesson from the concert stage

What can an out-of-tune mandolin at a band concert tell us about the quality of our work environment and the degree of trust between and among team members?

I use a recent working-musician experience to help shed light on how critically important it is for leaders to pay attention to the health of team members’ relationships at work -- and fix issues before they become gaping holes.

Leaders can get all wrapped up in results and profits, to such an extent that they pay little attention to how team members treat each other daily. The issue is that lousy workplace relationships -- distrust, discontent, and dismissal of others ideas and efforts -- erodes team performance and customer service all too quickly.

Don’t assume things are fine. Observe, engage, and verify how healthy work relationships are. Celebrate great relationships and coach to improve lousy ones -- daily.

Watch my short video segment -- part of my Culture Leadership Charge video series, this one exclusively for SmartBrief readers -- to learn why relationships are so important and the key things to look for to keep them on track.

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