Top 10: Rumored Kroger-Ahold merger, PepsiCo's new strategy and wildfires take a toll on wine

Grocery retail stories led the most-clicked list for the past week. A rumored merger between the supermarket chains Kroger and Ahold Delhaize was the topic of the most-read story among SmartBrief food and beverage subscribers. A story about customer rentention struggles at German discount grocer Lidl also captured readers' attention.

PepsiCo made the top-clicked list twice this week. Chief executive Indra Nooyi explained in one story the brand's e-commerce strategy, saying it "is not about shelf space ... It's about how to get the right clicks so we move up in the search process." The company also made news when it rolled out Mac n' Cheetos for retail sale, following the product's buzzed-about launch in Burger King restaurants.

In restaurant news, a feature on the rising trend of pie bars was a must-read this week.

Check out the full list of this week’s most-read stories in food and beverage:

  1. Could a Kroger-Ahold deal be the next big merger?

  2. Analysis: US shoppers aren't sticking with Lidl

  3. New map shows favorite Halloween candies by state

  4. At least 5 wineries suffer catastrophic wildfire damage

  5. PepsiCo brings Mac n' Cheetos to retail freezer shelves

  6. Pie bars are a rising restaurant trend

  7. How simplification drove Land O'Lakes to double in size

  8. Kellogg acquiring RXBAR in $600M deal

  9. Nestle debuts Butterfinger Peanut Butter Skulls for Halloween

  10. Nooyi: PepsiCo's strategy "not about shelf space"



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