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How to help introverts participate in class

Educators can establish classroom practices that allow introverted students to show what they know, writes Katy Farber, a professional-development coordinator. In this blog post, Farber shares several strategies including using online tools, allowing students to have more choice about presentations and giving students more downtime.

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DeVos: American schools can learn from Europe

US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos recently returned from her first international trip in the role, during which she visited schools in Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK. In this commentary, DeVos shares what she learned and says there are opportunities for American schools to adopt some European countries' tendencies to provide funds for both public and private schools, give educators more flexibility and support personalized learning.

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Report: All students learn differently

Educators must account for "learner variability" among students, according to a report published by the nonprofit Digital Promise, an organization that offers free, open-sourced materials through its Learner Positioning System. LPS helps educators tailor lessons to students' individual needs by suggesting adaptations, including new classroom arrangements and different ways for students to show what they have learned.

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ISTE: How to encourage creative thinking

Educators should be teaching more about creative and innovative thinking -- known as "cognitive flexibility" -- said neuroscientist and author David Eagleman. During remarks at the International Society for Technology in Education conference, he shared five ways that educators can foster creative thinking, including making use of creative spaces and helping students explore.

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6 ways to build culturally inclusive classrooms

School leaders and classroom teachers should cultivate culturally inclusive classrooms and school environments, suggests education consultant Janice Wyatt-Ross. In this blog post, she shares six strategies that educators can use to ensure all students feel welcome, including making time to relate to students and connecting with parents.

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