Top 10: Ben & Jerry's debuts cookie dough snacks, Lidl CEO resigns and Bazooka brings back an old favorite

​News that Ben & Jerry's will expand its brand beyond ice cream with the launch of Cookie Dough Chunks was this week's most-clicked food and beverage story. The three varieties of dough, including a vegan chocolate chip, use the same recipe that's in the brand's ice cream to create snack-size bites. Other new products that made headlines this week include Blueberry Cheerios from General Mills and original Bazooka bubblegum, which the brand is re-releasing in Throwback packaging. Procter & Gamble made the top 10 twice this week, with news that it is testing a new brand called Pepper & Wits aimed at menopausal women and the launch of its Charmin Forever Roll -- a supersized roll of toilet paper that can last up to a month.

In food retail news, Jesper Hojer's resignation as CEO of grocery chain Lidl on April 2 caught readers' attention. 

A story about the growing popularity of Japanese souffle pancakes in the US appealed to foodservice readers, as did an announcement that the Food and Drug Administration will review the rules for CBD as a food ingredient in a public hearing next month.

Check out the full Top 10:

  1. Ben & Jerry's moves beyond ice cream with Cookie Dough Chunks debut
  2. Lidl CEO steps down
  3. P&G testing personal care line aimed at menopausal women
  4. P&G's Charmin Forever Roll cuts down on TP exchanges
  5. Bazooka brings Throwback gum back to store shelves
  6. E. & J. Gallo acquiring 30 labels from Constellation for $1.7B
  7. General Mills rolls out Blueberry Cheerios
  8. Method co-founder launches first-aid brand Welly
  9. Souffle pancakes' popularity reaches new heights
  10. FDA to review rules for CBD as a food ingredient

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