Top 10: Doritos ad ditches the logo, Popeyes’ brand-new chicken sandwiches sell out

SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers were captivated by several companies’ newest advertising and branding campaigns with the most-read this week being about Doritos removing its name and logo from its new ad and instead showed a simple triangle to represent the “chip so iconic, we don't need to name it.” Coming in second was a story about Starbucks’ brand design overhaul, which included new in-store signage, social media promotions and illustrations and colors for changing seasons. News about Dum Dums’ new animated line drawing advertisements also made the top five this week.

In the foodservice industry this week, fried chicken dominated the headlines, with news that KFC began testing a plant-based fried chicken substitute from Beyond Meat at one of its Atlanta locations making this week’s top five. The new chicken sandwich at Popeyes rounded out the top 10 as several locations across the US sold out, leaving customers eager for more. This editor was able to snag one at a Popeyes location in Washington, D.C., and after eating the sandwich, I have to say that I’ve joined Team Popeyes in the heated debate that sprung up between the Popeyes and fellow chicken chain Chick-fil-A accounts on Twitter.

News about trendy diets was also popular reading this week. Diet program Whole30 and restaurant operator Lettuce Entertain You partnered on a delivery-only restaurant in Chicago that offers meals that adhere to the Whole30 diet.

Sustainability was another high-interest topic for the food and beverage industry; Grupo Bimbo – the Mexican food manufacturer that owns Sara Lee and Thomas’ Breads – debuted its new high-tech d2w packaging that biodegrades with the help of natural organisms.

Check out the complete list of this week’s top 10 most-clicked stories in SmartBrief's food and beverage briefs:

  1. Doritos debuts new logo-free ad campaign
  2. Why Starbucks redesigned its brand imagery
  3. Meijer targets 2021 for 6 smaller-format store openings
  4. KFC to test plant-based chicken from Beyond Meat
  5. Dum Dums taps nostalgia for 1st advertising in 3 decades
  6. Lettuce Entertain You delivers for Whole30 dieters in Chicago
  7. Sourdough starter can add complex flavor to more than just bread
  8. Hershey buys One Brands to add to protein bar offerings
  9. Grupo Bimbo promotes its sustainable packaging
  10. Popeyes runs short on new chicken sandwiches

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