Top 10: Reflecting on 2019 and looking ahead to 2020

Many of the most popular stories among SmartBrief food and beverage readers this week had to do with either looking back at trends from the past year (or decade) or plans and trends that are gaining steam as we head into the new year.

A roundup of chef interviews on what culinary trends they would like to see fade away proved popular with readers looking to reflect on 2019. A story from Ad Age on the 10 biggest brand comebacks of the decade also grabbed readers’ attention. Coke Zero Sugar's 2017 reband and Domino's Pizza's use of technology to boost orders both landed them on the top 10 list.

For those with an eye on what’s to come in 2020, a story about Wegmans’ plans for East Coast expansion was a must-read. The grocer is planning new stores in Virginia and North Carolina. In restaurant news, many readers showed interest in a story about the design trends that are expected to make their mark in dining rooms this year.

Check out the full Top 10:

  1. Wegmans gears up for East Coast expansion

  2. Landry's set to buy Houlihan's parent company

  3. Duncan Hines plans keto, Oreo offerings for 2020

  4. What will 2020 bring in restaurant design?

  5. Chefs dish on the food trends they'd like to leave behind

  6. Why winter is the best time for oysters

  7. How Walmart, Kroger are boosting sales with produce

  8. Mondelez president focuses on snacking, omnichannel availability

  9. 10 successful brand revivals of the past decade

  10. Ferrara holiday products tap into multi-sensory demand

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