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3 content marketing trends for marketers to watch

Marketers can deliver results by focusing on social media, strategy and community connections.

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Content marketing is an essential tool for marketers to engage with consumers throughout the buying journey and to build brand awareness.

Some 82% of marketers actively use content marketing, per HubSpot, but what trends should they be watching out for this year?

The three content marketing trends for 2022, as identified by Tailor Insight in a report, are:

  • A focused approach on social media
  • A continually evolving content strategy
  • A dedication to community

Here’s what you need to know for each trend:

Do one thing brilliantly on social media

Focus on honing your expertise with one particular type of content, Tailor Insight recommends, as this fosters trust with social audiences who will want to follow your brand for future insights.

The report also recommends repurposing content to deliver insights in different formats, catering for the different ways social users might want to consume information, i.e. video, infographics, text or audio soundbites.

Bear in mind that social audiences want authenticity and unpolished content from brands.

Be prepared to continually update your content strategy

Use predictive technology to keep pace with consumer trends and evolve your strategy to deliver content based on real-time interests, Tailor Insights advises.

RPA’s Quinn Rufener recently wrote a SmartBrief article that examines how these fleeting, real-time trends can become brand-winning moments on social media.

A sense of community matters more than ever

The pandemic has increased a sense of community among consumers, per the report, which means brands should be looking to lend a helping hand to grassroots initiatives and build meaningful relationships with customers via online communities.

This community building can help your brand stand out from competitors, and not only develop awareness and trust but foster loyalty.

A recent community building playbook from Meta offers a range of tips, including advice about interactive tools and the best ways to engage with communities on social media.

Additional content marketing predictions

Personalized experiences, video and voice-search optimization are all content marketing strategies marketers should be using in 2022, per the report.

But perhaps the key takeaway is that it’s absolutely essential for brands to create “true human connections” with consumers who are becoming increasingly socially conscious.

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