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4 steps to more effective coaching in 2019

Many people are asked to lead but not trained on how to coach. Here's how to start fixing that.

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Leaders in organizations spend a lot of their time coaching others.

In particular, when culture clients implement regular values surveys, leaders of those organizations get to debrief the survey results with managers and supervisors who have typically never received feedback about their behaviors — how they treat others.

And many leaders have not had formal training to serve as a coach. They do the best they can and appreciate the opportunity to learn how to be better.

Here are the four steps I created for leaders to help them coach others to treat their bosses, peers and team members respectfully, every day.

  • Ask: Learn why it’s important to pose questions rather than making statements (or pointing out what the receiver has done wrong).
  • Listen: Preaching won’t help the receiver understand their behavior gaps. Learn their perspective (and don’t judge).
  • Validate: Look for ways to validate the receiver’s understanding of their gaps and their commitment to treating others better.
  • Suggest: You’ll have ideas for how the receiver can improve their work relationships. The coaching role allows you to suggest ideas but not to demand compliance. It’s a delicate dance.

Watch this crisp, three-minute video to learn more about these four steps and about the vitally important way to close every coaching conversation.

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