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Andy’s Answers: How EA puts social at the center of their media newsroom

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With an audience size on social that rivals some media outlets they pay to advertise, EA’s David Tinson says it makes sense for the brand to become a media company. As the senior VP of global communications, David says his job is to help create a newsroom that’s centered around an opportunity to connect with customers.

In his presentation at’s Member Meeting, David shares how they created an internal structure to support listening, content creation and distribution for EA’s media. Here are some key points from his presentation:

  • Standards and policies at an enterprise level are crucial. David explains how they created governance around a common set of tools, invested in creative resources, and formed alignment across teams. That meant creating a consistent voice and staying on the same page with paid, advertising, product marketing and customer-support teams.
  • Listen first, then create content. David says, “So often marketers and communicators start creating content and then figure out where it should go after. It has to start with listening.” With a socially savvy and vocal fan base, EA monitors about 8 million conversations a month.
  • Distribute with a multi-channel strategy, not multiple strategies for different channels. David’s team invested in a consistent set of content management tools to reach wider audiences. They also partnered with their paid media team to boost posts in a strategic, thoughtful way.

Watch David’s full presentation here:

Download his slide presentation.