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Blogging to turn your brand into a thought leader

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The growing authority of blogs makes them a worthwhile marketing investment for companies — especially for small businesses lacking the funds and manpower to create large-scale traditional marketing campaigns. Small-business owners are leading industry experts in their own right, and that’s a huge advantage, said Mike Volpe, vice president of marketing at HubSpot, during his seminar at the 2011 Blogging Success Summit.

A company blog not only drives huge numbers of traffic toward your website, but it also solidifies your place as a thought leader in the industry. With strong original content, people will see you as an authority figure while your company becomes a trusted brand.

But the most important advantage of company blogs, Volpe argues, is its ability to convert anonymous Web browsers into repeat customers. To ensure your blog is maximizing its potential to attract sales, Volpe suggests the following:

  • Include calls to action in every blog post. A specific call to action related to the content is a great way to engage a consumer. CTAs should always end every blog post.
  • Create great offers that customers can’t resist. A call to action should link to an offer that people can’t get anywhere else. Remember, this is your chance to win over a customer.
  • Optimize your landing page to guarantee a conversion. A landing page should be simple with a short, easy-to-complete form. Confusing navigation or complicated questions will instantly turn a customer off.

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