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Breaking bread, not budgets

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Last week’s SmartBrief on Workforce poll question was Who’s picking up the check these days?

  • We’re all going Dutch – 37%
  • We don’t even have time for business lunches anymore – 37%
  • I am – 20%
  • The other guy – 6%

The weak economy has most of us watching our expenses more closely, including business lunches. Still, breaking bread with clients and colleagues has such strong benefits that it could be penny-wise and pound-foolish to make your cuts there. Dining together creates opportunities for bonding and brainstorming that are hard to duplicate in a conference room or on LinkedIn.

Still, budgets are budgets. If you have to cut back on business meals, don’t drop the meetings completely. Instead, consider switching to breakfast, which is generally cheaper, or meet for afternoon coffee and snacks. And look beyond the usual power lunch spots for less-expensive — and likely tastier — local or ethnic eateries.

Are you under pressure to reduce expenses on business meals? How are you coping?

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