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Do’s and don’ts of promotional emails

Through several do’s and don’ts, Codecrew’s Alex Martin shows how to turn promotional emails into a beacon of friendliness amidst the frigid, impersonal sea of text.

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Do’s and don’ts of promotional emails by Alex Martin of Codecrew

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We’re all set to take a fascinating trip into the swirling, dynamic world of promotional emails. Promotional emails could be dismissed as just another piece in the massive jigsaw puzzle of digital content, right?

But let’s rethink that. When shaped with creativity and insight, these nuggets of digital communication can detonate like dynamite, creating a substantial ripple in your marketing achievements. There’s a touch of alchemy involved in transforming a simple email into a formidable revenue generator.

It’s time we rolled up our sleeves and dove deep into the captivating universe of email do’s and don’ts.

Strike a balance between science and art

Curating a powerful promotional email resembles a science project. It’s all about combining ingredients, experimenting, learning and iterating. But it’s equally an art that requires an acute aesthetic sense, impeccable timing and the magic of words. 

The goal in this amalgamation of art and science is to make your readers feel like they’re engaged in a friendly chat rather than a sales pitch. When your email becomes a beacon of friendliness amidst the frigid, impersonal sea of text, that’s when you’ve hit the jackpot.

Chart the course: Do’s of email marketing 

Embrace personalization

Human connections are a universal desire, and that applies to emails, too. Make your readers feel cherished. Use their name, mention their previous purchase and send birthday wishes – anything that makes them exclaim, “Wow, they really get me!” It’s this personal touch that can elevate your promotional emails from good to unforgettable.

Craft irresistible subject lines

Consider your subject line as the display window of your shop. It needs to be captivating enough to make readers pause, take notice and step inside. While arousing curiosity is key, don’t fall into the trap of cheap clickbait. Honesty, when combined with creativity, creates the perfect blend.

Harness the power of CTA

The call to action is the pulsating core of your email. It guides your readers on what they should do next. It’s vital to nail this part. Be succinct, be audacious and make it a cakewalk for them to take the next step – buying a product, signing up for a webinar or simply absorbing more information.

Dodge the pitfalls: Don’ts of promotional emails

Avoid being a spammer

Constant spamming is as bothersome as dropping by a friend’s place uninvited, over and over again. So, respect your audience’s inbox. Keep a sensible frequency and always strive to bring value, not clutter.

Don’t navigate blindly

Ignoring your email metrics is akin to sailing a ship sans a compass. These numbers offer precious insights into what’s hitting the mark, what’s not and how you can refine your campaign. Embrace them!

Don’t neglect mobile users

If your emails aren’t tailored for mobile users, you’re fighting a losing battle. Ensure your design is responsive and looks equally striking on a smartphone as it does on a desktop.

Concluding notes

Promotional emails house a thrilling realm of opportunities. The do’s and don’ts we’ve discussed here serve as your stepping stones to tap into these prospects. They are about being genuine, transparent and engaging, all while stirring in a spoonful of creativity and a dash of intelligence.

Now, with these insights at your disposal, you’re ready to metamorphose your ordinary email marketing campaign into something truly remarkable. It’s time to conquer those inboxes, folks! Remember, in the domain of promotional emails, you’re not just a marketer. You’re a raconteur, an artist, a scientist, and above all, a friend. 


Co-founder and director of design at, Alex Martin has been designing websites and improving how people interact with emails for over a decade, working with brands across the web and helping generate email marketing revenue worth building into case studies.


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