All Articles Marketing How can you tell whether podcasting makes sense for your brand?

How can you tell whether podcasting makes sense for your brand?

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SmartPulse — our weekly nonscientific reader poll in SmartBrief on Social Media — tracks feedback from leading marketers about social media practices and issues.

This week, we asked: Do you produce a podcast?

  • No: 92.59%
  • Yes: 7.41%

It’s not surprising that so few SmartBrief on Social Media readers are podcasters. In some ways, podcasting is the ugly duckling of social media. It’s not as alluring as the last social network du jour, but it’s also not as simple as plain-jane blogging. Yet podcasters are a thriving community of content creators with legions of fans. Before you dismiss podcasting outright, it’s worth remembering that it while it has some special challenges, it also offers some unique benefits.

Consider that:

  • Audio content is easier to consume while multitasking. If you’re trying to reach a professional audience, they may find that it’s easier to listen to an audio clip than watch a video during the workday.
  • Audio content is portable. You can’t read a blog post while taking a walk, but you can catch up on your favorite podcasts.
  • Audio content has a lower bar for guest participation. Asking someone to write a guest post for your blog is a major commitment. Asking them to be in a video with you requires that you be in the same place as the same time. But asking someone to appear on your podcast isn’t all the much more difficult than chatting on the phone.
  • Audio content is easy to remix. You can turn it into a video with a few visual aids. You can summarize the podcast and turn it into a blog post. You can cut together episodes of your show to create “best of” podcasts. You never have to settle for using that content just once.
  • Audio content can be a welcome alternative for some people who struggle with writing. If you sound brilliant on your feet but have trouble capturing that spontaneity when blogging, then podcasting could be an exciting way to get your message out.

Is podcasting right for everyone? Of course not. Not everyone is going to be comfortable in front of a microphone. Not every brand’s focus will lend itself well to audio discussions. Some communities will be more likely to follow your move to podcasting than others. But that’s OK, because the bar to entry to so low. If you’re wondering whether podcasting makes sense for you and your brand, try looking around for existing podcasts that you could appear on. If you find you have an affinity for the format and an audience at the ready, then you may have just found your next great outreach tool.