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How well do members of your team work together?

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SmartPulse — our weekly nonscientific reader poll in SmartBrief on Leadership — tracks feedback from more than 190,000 business leaders. We run the poll question each week in our e-newsletter.

Last week, we asked: How well do members of your team work together?

  • Extremely well — everyone gets along and supports one another: 27.71%
  • Well — they mostly get along, with a few exceptions: 56.75%
  • Not well — there are interpersonal and performance issues: 11.08%
  • Poorly — I can’t really even call it a “team”: 4.46%

Kumbaya. Culture is the sum of your organization’s daily actions. If your people get along in the vast majority of their interactions, you’ll have a virtuous circle of them working well. Conversely, small, negative actions can cause the spiral of problems 15% of you seem to have. If you’re in that 15%, break the cycle and stop bad behaviors as you see them. If you’re in the 85% with positive team dynamics, nip issues in the bud as soon as you see them because it doesn’t take much to send a culture spiraling in the wrong direction.

Mike Figliuolo is managing director of thoughtLEADERS and author of “One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership.”