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ICYMI: Most read by educators

What’s trending? From identifying dyslexia to textbooks, don’t miss these most-read stories.

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How to spot signs of dyslexia in students

Educators should carefully consider students’ reading abilities to determine whether those who are struggling have dyslexia, suggests Donell Pons, a reading and dyslexia specialist in Salt Lake City. In this blog post, Pons shares several strategies to help make this evaluation, including looking for students who avoid reading aloud and have difficulty spelling.

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Are textbooks obsolete?

The textbook is becoming obsolete, Bill Gates wrote in his annual letter from his foundation. Peter Greene, a high-school English teacher, counters Gates’ argument with five reasons why he says textbooks will continue to be a classroom staple — at least in the near term — including a preference, even among digital natives, for printed material.

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11 reasons principals should delegate

Principals should become more comfortable with delegating to help manage their workload, writes Naphtali Hoff, president of Impactful Coaching & Consulting. In this blog post, he shares 11 benefits of delegating, including helping to improve efficiency.

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Study: Building relationships improves outcomes

Students’ academic engagement and behavior improves when teachers form meaningful relationships with them, according to a study by researchers at the University of Minnesota. The study focused on the Establish-Maintain-Restore approach, and researchers shared ways teachers can develop stronger relationships with students, including spending time with them in one-on-one meetings.

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Should educators encourage young students to nap?

Preschool and kindergarten students who took naps performed better on memory tasks after napping — compared with students who stayed awake — according to researchers who performed a study funded by the National Science Foundation. Peg Oliveira of the Gesell Institute of Child Development says at-risk students benefit most from these breaks.

Full Story: District Administration magazine

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