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When it comes to politics, is a brand trying to win PR points by commenting on some controversial government policy, or does it want to advance a social cause in alignment with its values?


Rethink gifts and help your employees grow in ways that last.

Family of ducks

Being shorthanded is inevitable, so why not plan for it?

Despite low unemployment and long after experts declared the Great Recession over, an uneven economic recovery and the growing bifurcation of wealth have shaped -- and altered -- how many consumers source their food and understand brands.

Many organizations are looking to agencies to provide skill sets not core to the team, as well as to quickly scale as needs or opportunities emerge -- without being locked into permanent overhead.

From business owner to mobile marketer: How mobile tools put small business success at your fingertips
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In this Q&A, Facebook exec Emma Rodgers talks about how time- and resource-strapped small business owners can set themselves up for mobile marketing success.

How effectively does your organization say “no” to work that is “off strategy?”

Rebranding and trends in TV and video advertising led SmartBrief's top-clicked media, technology and advertising stories for Q3

Gauging success for small businesses: What online tools can tell you about your mobile presence
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Many businesses struggle with knowing whether their mobile strategies are successful. Read about tools you can use and questions you should be asking to ensure success with your mobile presence.

Best practices for getting the most from your digital ad campaign, from SmartBrief marketing analyst Alex Pavelich

With the right platform, a solution can deliver B2B ad impressions to specific accounts at scale.


When you are open to new ideas, not only might you learn something, but your team will, too.

Frozen food renaissanc will make waves in grocery in 2019
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Higher prices and changing shopper behavior will make waves in the grocery industry in the coming year, according to predictions from Acosta.

Home sweet home: Moving real estate and rental listings into the digital era
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Digital and mobile technology permeate nearly every facet of consumers’ lives – are you applying this to your potential renters? Read about how digital tools like Facebook Marketplace can help you improve your real estate business.

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