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Why principals should “loop” students back in

Educators are concerned about learning losses from the coronavirus pandemic. Is looping the answer?

Implementing change: Answer these 5 questions

Most change management projects fail. How can you avoid this fate? Here are 5 things to keep in mind.

Respect with no exceptions

Does your culture honor all students -- or just those who behave? How to root out toxic mindsets.

Mandated to stay at home, cooking fatigue sets in

Lives and lifestyles have been dramatically altered as consumers face the realities of the moment by adapting meal planning, shopping and cooking behaviors.

How a global pandemic is changing the world: Part 2
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Economies will need a new path forward as the lessons learned from this global experience influence next steps --- both in the immediate and in the years to follow. Edie Weiner, President and CEO of The Future Hunters, shares her expertise.

Voice assistants grow in importance as businesses reopen

Blue Fountain Media’s Brian Byer looks at the growing list of contactless applications from the use of voice technology as states reopen and stay-at-home orders are lifted during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 5 D's of decline

What causes corporate decline? And what can leaders do about it?

Summer reads for leaders to stay motivated, resilient and creative

Looking to get better as a leader this summer? Try these books.

Fight the COVID slide in reading 

A media specialist explains how her school is adapting to at-home learning using a phonics-based tech tool.

Report: Last year played a pivotal role in growing plant-based food sales

The success of plant-based meat companies Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods spurred other companies to launch their own plant-based burgers in 2019.

How insurance carriers can prepare for the COVID-19 impact

Insurers will face several strategic and operational challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Here's how to prepare.

How to use the summer to prevent learning loss

With some casting doubt on how much the summer slide affects students, how best can educators address it in a year made chaotic by a pandemic?

Software development courses for students: Summer 2020

Looking to improve your software development skills while quarantining this summer? Here’s how to get started.

Protecting remote workers' productivity and performance

As remote work takes hold in so many industries, leaders need to think about how they'll help employees avoid burnout in the long run.

3 things advisors can do to help themselves and clients manage through a crisis

Here are a few ways financial advisors can support clients and help them navigate these uncertain times.