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Top 10: Shake Shack’s first drive-thru, CPG innovation and the FTC’s supply chain probe

SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers were also drawn in by Publix’s launch of branded clothes and accessories for the holidays.

Consumer demand for carry-out, drive-thru remains high, Acosta report finds
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The pandemic continues to influence how consumers purchase and consume food away from home and shape restaurants’ road to recovery, according to Acosta’s The Why? Behind the Dine report.

How this leader learned inclusion up close

A CEO describes her journey toward inclusion and offers advice for how other leaders can learn and model inclusion in their workplaces.

What writing 4,700 microstories taught me about marketing

Author and content marketing writer Jesse Stanchak offers four marketing lessons he learned from writing nearly 5,000 microstories on Twitter.

AI vs. humans, part 1

AI and the metaverse won’t make humanity better; they will augment and intensify what we all already are, for good and for ill. Here's what that means for leaders and companies.

How climate change and inflation are affecting coffee prices

Factors including climate, inflation and supply chain delays have sent coffee futures soaring and led to modest increases in retail coffee prices.

How corporations can embrace dialogue
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How corporations can embrace dialogue

Why PMI is leading a harm reduction campaign
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Why PMI is leading a harm reduction campaign

"Gray zone" leadership: A path to personal and organizational success

Gray zones are difficult to navigate but offer prime opportunities for career growth, leadership development and organizational success.

Combating the Great Resignation with an invitation conversation

An invitation conversation is one way to increase retention by reimagining the optimism and hope of the recruitment progress, but with your existing talent.

A food brand’s values can be key to long-term success

Many customers, especially younger ones, want the foodservice and restaurant brands they interact with each day to speak up.

My leadership journey started at home

A longtime corporate executive shares why her parents' influence was so powerful and what it means for diversity and inclusion efforts.

Supercharging company communications
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There are more ways to communicate today than ever before. Surprisingly, it has not led to an automatic increase in employee satisfaction.

How effectively do you help your teams arrive at their own solutions rather than giving a solution to them?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: How effectively do you help your teams arrive at their own solutions rather than giving a solution to them?

What do employees want from leaders today? Don't guess

With the Great Resignation continuing, what do employees want from leaders today? Don’t guess. Ask, listen and adapt to boost workplace respect.