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There's a secret to mastering executive communication

When you present to executives, you want to be confident, concise, factual -- and prepared. Learn more about these key executive communication tips.

Restaurants turn to tech tools to streamline vaccine requirements, verification

As more restaurants begin to require customers to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination for indoor dining, many are enlisting technology solutions to streamline the process of informing diners and verifying their vaccination status.

Top 10: Federal COVID-19 vaccine order, Trader Joe's expansion, Hershey holiday candy

Stories about the White House’s vaccine requirement and its effect on the food and beverage industry took up nearly half of this week’s most-clicked list.

How retailers can pivot their brand identities and adopt brand values

Consumers tend to gravitate toward brands that are authentic with their brand identities and values.

Getting unstuck in a time of flux

Feeling stuck or restless in your career? Now's a good time to explore new horizons, but make sure you know your options for career change.

4 ways to teach reading comprehension to emergent bilingual students

Teaching Emergent Bilingual students requires understanding of how language works, valuing the student’s heritage language and parlaying these elements into a successful learning journey.

How to identify, address bias in educational technology

Edtech has the power to support high-quality teaching and learning, but only if providers, educators, and families collaborate to make it fair for everyone.

3 reasons why your business needs real-time leadership

Employees are unhappy for legitimate reasons and will leave -- maybe for your competitor -- if you won't do more to meet their needs and provide equitable treatment and opportunity.

Should You Cancel Teacher Data Team Meetings? You Might Be Surprised

Do teacher group data discussions actually lead to tangible outcomes for students? A Harvard researcher and education professor says no.

How the pandemic is reshaping restaurant real estate

The pandemic has created struggles, opportunities in the restaurant world.

How well-being can help people get through hard times

We all know positive well-being can help us at work and in life. But how does well-being manifest, and how exactly does it help us through difficult times.

Life after cookies: Retailers test 4 targeting alternatives

Third-party cookies are practically in the rearview mirror. Where does that leave retailers looking to deliver targeted, personalized messaging to their shoppers? Take a look at four cookie alternatives some retailers are already testing.

3 powerful social media solutions for students 

Balancing the positives of social media use with the potential pitfalls is a valuable tool for educators to share with their students.

How to give a powerful presentation

Good presentations persuade, combine stoytelling and logic, and offer a clear path forward. Learn more about public presentation best practices in this article and video.