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Top 10: Kellogg’s glitter-dusted cereal, Amazon’s packaging surcharge and Tasty-inspired ice cream [image: Four pints of Tasty/Nestle ice cream)

Kellogg's launch of Caticorn Cereal made with edible glitter was the most-clicked story among SmartBrief food and beverage readers this week.


We need to find ways to manage boredom and, in return, use it to propel us to something more enriching.

React or reflect?

"Reflexive" and "reflective" are two ends of a continuum. Where do you fall on this leadership spectrum?

CVS Health

Drugstores, supermarkets and mass market operators are working with renewed effort to attach themselves to the wellness halo by introducing more health-related services into their marketing mix.

Help yourself

Working with students who experience trauma can drain you. How to keep yourself from going under.

Employees who suffer workplace trauma need support, as do the people helping them through these events.

Personalized intervention for at-risk students

How a virtual school helps struggling learners succeed.

Big data for MA plans
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How big data can help Medicare Advantage plans

What is your organization’s attitude toward paying its suppliers?

The main reason businesses struggle with long-term focus on execution is that they fail to plan for implementing the plan.

Investing in shelf management can help grocery retailers increase sales [image: a shopping cart in a grocery aisle]
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Shifting shopper habits and the evolution of omnichannel are changing the grocery retail landscape, and investing in shelf management can help retailers maximize sales.

Bayonne Ham
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Produced only in a certain region in the southwest of France, Bayonne ham is a meltingly tender cured meat that can elevate charcuterie plates and other dishes.


Why do we tolerate unmanageable managerial jobs?

Grocery loyalty programs are changing as quickly as the industry. Learn more about what makes a good program and what can grocers do to ensure their customers keep coming back.

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