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People are growing increasingly accustomed to seeing digital ads for items that appeal to them, to the point where some people are even starting to feel frustrated if an ad doesn’t apply to them. That is evidence of the power and value of programmatic.

How often do you tap into your high school/college/etc. alumni networks to create business opportunities?

3 ways to jump start SEL

Tips for making sure students get the most of your social-emotional learning programs.

Ideas wither when people's reactions are negative. Here's some advice on being better at receiving ideas.

What’s trending? From personalized learning to obesity, don’t miss these most-read stories.

Better billing
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Better consumer billing for MA

For the best kiosk customer experience, don’t remove the human touch

A panel at the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Innovation Summit discussed how restaurants can ensure their investment in kiosks pays off and how the technology may evolve.

The one trend that matters for every health care leader

Companies that put consumers first are positioned for success

CPG news and restaurant acquisitions ranked high with readers in this week’s top 10.

Teachers and administrators can design education rituals that enhance and deepen learning.

Calling all small businesses: The advantages of cloud-based voice-over-IP
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The combination of cloud computing and ubiquitous internet has become the great equalizer in business, and cloud-based telephony can be a game-changer for small businesses. Find out how SMBs can take advantage of cloud-based VoIP technology.

Medicare Advantage claims management
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Better coordination of benefits for MA plans


The planning process is what development should focus on -- from there, you'll get the plan you need.

The fact is, loyalty has no rules; it only has leaders and followers. And followers will always be two steps behind.

Artificial Intelligence

Link to tap AI to tackle money laundering and assess credit risk