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STEM, school choice and software bias: Education conversations from Jan. 2021

Educators entered 2021 with a wealth of ideas on pedagogy -- particularly as it relates to remote learning. Read the conversations that educators were most interested in during January, 2021.

5 tips for online speech therapy

Speech teletherapy comes with its own set of challenges but can be engaging with the right resources and expectations.

Improving student behavior through SEL

Fights, cursing and incidents of disrespect from students had teachers crying out for help in this Wisconsin district. How leaders addressed it with a data-informed social-emotional learning program.

5 benefits of using an online coding program 

Finding itself “suddenly remote,” this public charter school quickly adopted an online platform for keeping kids connected to STEM, and even participated in an international cyber robotics and coding competition.

School choice: It’s personal

When it comes to learning, one size does not fit all, says Andrew Campanella of National School Choice Week. How he sees school choice benefiting students, teachers and families.

2021: My educational guiding principles

An educator shares his personal goals -- his guiding principles -- and what he’s doing to make sure they don’t slip off his radar this year.

Making remote learning work for foreign-language instruction

A school in Virginia is seeing steady attendance, happy families and better relationships between students and teachers in a remote-learning environment. See how they’re making it happen.

5 tips for creating a future-ready science lab

Here's how to use good planning and design to turn an existing science lab into a future-ready learning space. 

STEM’s post-COVID moment

As the pandemic stretches into its tenth month and education zig zags between in-person and remote, there’s one inescapable truth: STEM is more important than ever.

Why foreign-language skills matter for the next-generation workforce

The demand for language skills is greater than it’s ever been before -- and it is only getting bigger. ACTFL’s Howie Berman outlines a plan to get there.

EdCamp: How to run yours virtually

While they are popular, vibrant events, EdCamps in their original format cannot currently take place in person in most school communities nationwide. That doesn’t mean they cannot happen -- and one school figured out how to run them virtually.

Improving equity, diversity in STEM career pathways

Experts weigh in on how we can expose underrepresented students to opportunities in the STEM fields.

Build an engaged, inclusive e-reading community

Here's how build an e-reading community for students that is inclusive of a diverse range of learning styles and needs.

How the coronavirus pandemic changed educators’ conversations

Here’s a look at what our TechTips experts wrote about when it came to best practices and massive shifts in how instruction was delivered after the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Fauci: The "default position" for students should be in-person instruction

We should aim to get -- and keep -- students in school, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. His ideas for getting us there.