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An assistant superintendent of instruction explains how new state mandates inspired her team to overhaul its approach to literacy.

It can be hard to give up control, but here are actions leaders can take to better delegate.

It's not a game

Some say the best way to train principals is by telling them what to do. New York City is going a different route--training principals to think, using computer simulated events.

Fred Ende shares his key takeaways from ASCD's 2019 conference for educators.

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Highlights from ASCD Empower 2019.

Build up your own knowledge to help students make informed choices about their learning.

How to support middle, high-school students with dyslexia

The right intervention, tools and discussion about reading challenges can help older students succeed at reading. See how.

The House

An Illinois tutoring lounge is bridging the “homework gap” by disrupting the learning model.

Turn potential conflict into teachable moments for parents, teachers and students.

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Raising heroes

Tips and ideas for parents of students with learning differences.

How one school district ensures all its students can access—and succeed!—in AP courses.

4 steps to adopting OER

Thinking of going OER? A math teacher offers four tips—plus a checklist!—for doing it right.