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3 things advisors can do to help themselves and clients manage through a crisis

Here are a few ways financial advisors can support clients and help them navigate these uncertain times.

Securities processing must continue digital transformation following pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating digital transformation for many parts of financial services, including securities processing using distributed ledger technology.

Financial services firms: Welcome to the decade of the cloud

Implementing cloud technology is now a question of when and how -- not if for financial services firms

Stock Trading App Industry Overview: Trading Goes Virtual

Stock trading apps are disrupting the financial industry. Here’s what you need to know about the most popular investment apps, and why they matter.

Helping financial services firms better control risks from remote working

With more people working remotely, financial firms need to improve their risk management and cybersecurity efforts

The state of incoming buy-side financial regulation

The coronavirus pandemic is causing changes to financial regulation implementation

Why hackers moving to Monero may improve bitcoin legitimacy

What could happen if hackers embraced Monero and bitcoin became more widely accepted?

Understanding the CFO’s Cybersecurity Role in the Age of COVID-19

CFOs have an important role to play in protecting companies from cyberattacks, particularly as COVID-19 alters the operating environments

How are clients thinking about decision making in this time frame
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Investors can take advantage of opportunities to better position investments for the long term

Strategies for institutional businesses to navigate unstable markets
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Organizations need to have clear long-term goals and take a balanced approach to risk, returns and liquidity, especially when it comes to navigating volatile markets

The importance of thoughtful financial planning during turbulent times
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Having a strong financial plan can help investors address their financial priorities, even during turbulent times

Q&A: SIFMA’s Bentsen on the unprecedented response to COVID-19

SIFMA President and CEO Kenneth E. Bentsen, Jr., discusses the economic policy response to COVID-19

Microsoft and Smarsh team up to boost Teams compliance

Smarsh enters co-sell partnership with Microsoft aimed at meeting the compliance needs of financial services firms

Contractors encouraged to form an “ideal” financial dashboard

As the coronavirus pandemic bears down on the construction industry, contractors should have a dashboard to keep track of their financial health.

SIFMA’s Bentsen discusses industry-wide BCP efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic

SIFMA president and CEO Kenneth E. Bentsen, Jr., discusses business continuity planning during the COVID-19 pandemic.