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How advanced analytics can help manufacturers manage risks, meet regulatory requirements
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A panel of experts from Deloitte discuss how artificial intelligence is advancing analytics, the key components of a safety analytics program and how these solutions can help companies avoid or lessen the scope of a recall.

Smoothie King's clean-label efforts include eliminating added sugars.

Smoothie King, PepsiCo and other food makers and sellers are stressing nutrition and wellness.

Top 10: Hormel's product launch, Danone's retooled portfolio and an in-demand watermelon dish

Hormel's new Skippy P.B. & Jelly Minis, Danone's focus on natural products and a popular smoked watermelon dish were among the subjects of this week's most clicked stories.

Hotel wine programs

Hotel food and beverage programs are faced with the constant challenge of bringing crowd pleasing wines to guests of varying tastes and knowledge of wine.

Concern for animal well-being influences meat-buying habits
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Consumer concern about food animal well-being is on the rise, and more shoppers are looking for meat with no added antibiotics or hormones in which the animals have been humanely raised.

3 ways brands connect the customer experience across in-store and digital channels

CPG firms that create a seamless omnichannel experience will see dividends across the shopping spectrum.

Campbell's plans to sell divisions including Bolthouse Farms

Top 10: Campbell’s Soup, Tom’s Urban, Halloween treats

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River cruises, known as leisurely and luxurious voyages along inland waterways everywhere from Africa to Western Europe, are now attracting a more diverse group of travelers.

Tablets and call buttons are being integrated into restaurant service to help both customers and wait staff get more out of the dining experience. How is this technology benefiting restaurants?

Gene Simmons soda

From the rise of high-end, alcohol-free beverages to Gene Simmons' soda line, beverage and CPG stories caught readers' attention this week.

4 tips from CPG executives on the future of brands

Executives from General Mills, Coca-Cola and other CPG firms share how brands can stay relevant in today's culture.

Catering to the way consumers cook today

Changes in the way US consumers cook and eat at home are creating opportunities for food retailers, restaurants and tech companies.

Sweet Street Blueberry Oat Pullman Loaf
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In this interview, chef Diego Fernandez discusses how ingredients shape his menu, where he looks for culinary inspiration and his favorite ways to put seasonal produce on the menu.

A Walmart executive’s advice for brands and PepsiCo’s deal to buy SodaStream caught SmartBrief readers’ attention this week.

How consumer interest in healthy food is prompting an evolution in grocery retail

Shoppers are growing increasingly interested in better-for-you foods, and that's making an impact on how grocers design stores, adopt technology and select the items they sell.