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CVS Health

Drugstores, supermarkets and mass market operators are working with renewed effort to attach themselves to the wellness halo by introducing more health-related services into their marketing mix.

Investing in shelf management can help grocery retailers increase sales [image: a shopping cart in a grocery aisle]
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Shifting shopper habits and the evolution of omnichannel are changing the grocery retail landscape, and investing in shelf management can help retailers maximize sales.

Grocery loyalty programs are changing as quickly as the industry. Learn more about what makes a good program and what can grocers do to ensure their customers keep coming back.

Bayonne Ham
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Produced only in a certain region in the southwest of France, Bayonne ham is a meltingly tender cured meat that can elevate charcuterie plates and other dishes.

Restaurants rethink third-party delivery partnerships [Image: Man ordering tacos on a tablet]

The rising cost of third-party services is spurring more restaurants to rethink the way they deliver food and invest in strategies that make sure their brand doesn’t fade into the background.

US chefs discover the flavor and history of Bayonne ham
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Bayonne ham's centuries-old production process gives the French cured meat its unique flavor. Learn how it's made and how it's making its mark on US menus.

Do demos really help food brands boost sales and build buzz?

If executed properly, in-store demos can help food brands reach a wider audience.

Sweetheart candy

This week’s top 10 was evenly spread across industries, spanning CPG, food retail and foodservice, with candy news taking the cake, which is timely as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches.

The winners of this year’s leadership awards at the FMI Midwinter Executive Conference sat down to discuss what makes them great leaders.

Grocery retail is changing, and several industry executives shared their advice for adapting to the shifts during this year’s FMI Midwinter Executive Conference.

Meal and meal-kit delivery companies introduce omnivores to plant-based eating.

Meal and meal-kit delivery companies introduce omnivores to plant-based eating.

Confectionery, restaurant and grocery retail news hit a high note with SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers this week.

hotel food and beverage

Food and beverage operations is one area in which hotels must stay on top of changing guest preferences throughout the year, but it is far from the only way hotels adjust to the changing seasons.

Alcohol delivery can be a boon for eateries as off-premise dining grows [image: beer pouring from a bottle into a glass]

As more traffic moves off-premise, offering beer and wine delivery can give restaurants an opportunity to add high-margin alcohol sales to delivery orders.