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CPG brands develop creative breakfast food during COVID-19

As more people enjoy eating breakfast at home during the pandemic, CPG companies have created new products to meet the varying needs of consumers.

Top 10: Restaurant help on the way, new line to launch at Target, Ferrero celebrates Easter

Read the stories that resonated with most of SmartBrief's food-and-beverage readers this week.

Business travel aims to see more business in 2021

With vaccination programs ramping up globally, including the planned distribution of 150 million doses across the US, travelers, airlines and hotels are looking forward to a better year ahead.

Is the plant-based seafood industry swimming upstream?

New plant-based seafood products and brands are gaining momentum with a focus on sustainability.

Top 10: A fresh look for Jimmy John’s; Sprouts’ winning strategy; Product launches from PepsiCo, Campbell, Kellogg and Hershey

SmartBrief food and beverage readers were hungry for a look at Jimmy John’s new logo, which the sandwich chain recently revealed as part of a brand refresh.

Behind the growth in the dietary supplement, vitamin market

Vitamin and supplement sales have been on the rise since the pandemic started. Will the category momentum continue?

SmartSummit: The plant-based movement is here to stay

Industry experts from White Castle, The Kroger Co. and Datassental discuss the plant-based trend and whether it’s here to stay.

Top 10: CPG growth, McDonald’s packaging, frozen food

News from McDonald's, Trader Joe's and several CPG companies interested SmartBrief readers this week.

How the pandemic fed the growth of food subscription services

The pandemic-era surge in online shopping has also fueled growth of subscription services offering safe regular deliveries.

Community connections help independent restaurants stay afloat amid pandemic

Rather than set unrealistic goals of returning to business as usual, restaurateurs would be wise to focus on making off-premises sales a sustainable part of their business for the foreseeable future, a panel of independent restaurant operators said.

Top 10: Guy Fieri’s ghost kitchen, CPG firms plan return to work, Kroger’s pandemic lessons

Cracker Barrel’s menu innovations and the sale of Nestle’s bottled water division were also popular with SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers this week.

Consumers continue to focus on sustainability, waste reduction through COVID

Despite indulging more in restaurant takeout, delivery and home-shipped meal kits during the pandemic, consumers are more focused than ever on reducing waste and their impact on the environment.

Turkey brings functional benefits and flavor to school meals
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Turkey can be a powerful tool for school foodservice operators when it comes to creating meals that offer balanced nutrition and exciting tastes that appeal to students.

Top 10: Restaurant Rescue Plan, Bezos’ grocery plans, Quaker rebrands Aunt Jemima

The news that the Senate approved a budget amendment that would create a $25 billion restaurant rescue grant program won readers this week.

2021 is the year of familiar, healthy, daring flavors

As the coronavirus pandemic continues into 2021, consumers are looking for food and beverage options that meet varying experiences.