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Expanded plant-based options, elevated kids’ fare and alcohol-free beverages are on the menu for 2020

Several trends that emerged or gained a foothold in the food industry in 2019 will continue to grow in the coming year.

Diet trends address consumers’ health, sustainability concerns

Food options for both ketogenic and flexitarian diets exploded this year following the rise of consumer demand for more healthy choices as well as food produced sustainably.

Top 10: New CPG products, grocer initiatives, dry brining

CPG product debuts, interesting cooking methods and ALDI’s US success caught readers’ attention this week.

How travel companies are becoming friendlier to the environment

Airlines, airports, hotels and travel advisors are taking steps toward travel options that are friendlier to the environment and lessen their carbon footprint.

Plant-based trends expand to the dessert menu

Vegan dessert options are growing in retail channels and getting more attention from chefs.

Top 10: Restaurant legislation, PepsiCo’s newest acquisition and the latest CPG rollouts

This week, a proposed federal bill on restaurant closures piqued the interest of food and beverage readers.

Where does the grocery industry stand on food waste initiatives?

Food waste is an ongoing issue for food retailers. Where does the industry stand and what’s being done to lighten the load in terms of wasted food?

Navigating dark tourism with respectful storytelling

Tourism experts share tips for telling history's darker tales.

Taking the pulse of online grocery shopping

Grocery shopping can now be done entirely online. Who is taking advantage of this type of shopping, and who is sticking to picking out products in person?

Airport lounges step up their game to serve millennials, solo travelers

Millennials and those adding leisure to business trips are growing segments for the travel industry.

Top 10: Walmart, Houlihan’s and a General Mills/Nielsen partnership

Walmart ranked high on two new top retailer lists this week.

In-store pharmacies, health offerings shifting with trends, technology

Large pharmacy chains and grocers with in-store pharmacies are shifting their strategies based on consumer demand and new technology.

Agtech solutions allow farming to move indoors

How is the agriculture industry prepared to meet the needs of the booming vertical farming market?

Top 10: Kroger’s new look, Shake Shack’s growth plans, Coca-Cola’s AHA rollout

Industry reaction to Kroger's new logo and animated Krojis grabbed readers' attention this week.

The rise of natural winemaking means more accidentally vegan vintages

A growing number of vegans are seeking wines made without animal products.