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"What's for dinner?" We often use the example of an average consumer’s after-work trip to the grocery store — trying to figure out what to have for dinner that evening — as an analogy for what's likely driving the changing landscape for food procurement.

Eateries can serve up unique experiences with eye-catching tableware
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On-trend tableware can help highlight dishes and drinks, and create an experience that customers are more likely to remember -- and share on social media.

Boosting technology to maximize efficiency

As the trucking market tightens, technology can help stakeholders across the food supply chain maximize efficiency.

Top 10: Hershey’s price hike, PepsiCo’s Imag!ne launch and a new side at Chick-fil-A

Snack food launches were hot topics in this week's top 10, including PepsiCo's new Imag!ne brand.

Startups turn to ugly produce to feed people, help the planet.

Ugly produce startups provide solutions to waste and food insecurity.

Foodservice operators tap new tech to improve beer programs

New systems that help operators manage inventory or speed service by putting the tap handle in customers’ hands are shaping the future of beer.

Most Stuff Oreos to Debut

News of Mondelez's upcoming debut of Most Stuf Oreos struck a chord with readers this week, as did stories from Kroger and McDonald's.

How is blockchain technology changing the food supply chain and creating greater transparency and food safety?

Top 10: Campbell's new brand strategy, candy launches and Walmart's smart cart plan

Fortune ranking Mars as a top workplace, Campbell Soup's new brand strategy and several candy product launches were among this week's top stories.

The population demographics in the US are shifting dramatically from one generation to the next, and compounded by rapid developments in technology, the food experience is becoming more nuanced and individualized.

Consumer products trends and what they mean for your cyber strategy
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Emerging technologies are creating opportunities for consumer goods companies to connect with customers and optimize costs -- but many of these technologies can also open the door to cybersecurity threats.

With population growth, climate change and technological innovations, the landscape today isn’t the same as it was yesterday and it won’t be the same tomorrow.

What the US CPG industry can learn from China

Chinese consumers are swiftly embracing digital tools and connecting directly with CPG companies. Find out the lessons that US manufacturers can glean from their experiences.

Domino's new "pizza theater" concept sets sales record.

Stories from Kellogg, Welch's, Coca-Cola, Domino's, Dunkin' proved popular with SmartBrief readers.

Chefs satisfy comfort food cravings with homestyle mashed potatoes
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Diners are hungry for traditional dishes reminiscent of home cooking, and restaurants can serve up a taste of home with simple goodness and rustic presentation.