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Campus dining isn’t what it used to be

Gone are the days of students eating only pizza, burgers, and mac & cheese -- nearly half of today’s students consider themselves foodies, motivating on-campus dining concepts to evolve.

Plant-based meat makers find a balance between supply and demand

Fast-growing demand spurs plant-based meat makers to grow production capacity.

Top 10: Whole Foods CEO on Amazon and marriage, Heinz releases Ed Sheeran bottles

Marriage…Ed Sheeran…don’t worry, we’re still focused on food and beverage -- this week’s most-read stories just ran the gamut, touching on some topics that spread a bit beyond the usual.

3 ways to capture Gen Z's attention with the right sponsorship choices

Making smart sponsorship decisions is key to keeping your brand's message consistent, attracting the next generation of customers, and maintaining the customers you already have.

Top 10: Blue Buffalo, Superior Cake and Impossible Burgers

Blue Buffalo's integration into General Mills was this week's most-clicked food-and-beverage story.

The “fresh vs. tech” food conundrum

Many consumers want to “return to Eden,” but there are also those who believe that is unattainable, and science and technology may be the best way to solve many of the problems with food, health, and the planet today.

Consumers want quality, authenticity when shopping for olive oil
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Pompeian is putting its farmers, craftsmanship and quality front-and-center to boost consumer confidence in the olive oil aisle, where shoppers often feel overwhelmed.

What are the top trends in snacks and sweets?

Consumers are looking for everything from purpose-driven companies to diet-friendly bites when it comes to the sweets and snacks segment.

Top 10: “Baby Shark” cereal, Halloween M&Ms, mustard ice cream

Limited-edition food tales proved popular among SmartBrief's food-and-beverage readers this week.

Q&A: How one wine and spirits wholesaler found success in a new ERP system
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The scale and complexity of operating as a wine and spirits wholesaler has become more complex than ever before. We talked to Mexcor International Wine & Spirits about the ERP system it switched to and why.

Tech-driven innovations from other sectors that travel brands need to steal

With AT&T soon rolling out 5G in about a dozen US cities, this long-anticipated technology is becoming a reality and will further transform travel into a mobile game.

Technology, planning help travelers stay safe, healthy

Nothing is more important than safety when traveling in unfamiliar surroundings. Knowing where to stay, the contents of food and beverages, and how to handle an emergency all are essential to a safe and pleasant business or leisure trip.

Top 10: CPG revamps, Walmart’s supply chain merger, Cheez-Its and wine

SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers were drawn in this week by tales of new Pampers diapers and a Cheez-It wine pairing.

Oat milk’s popularity expands to the ice cream case

Sales of plant-based ice cream are on the rise, fueled by new products including oat-based options.

Top 10: Perfect Day's popular ice cream, Chobani's latest launch and lunch at Lululemon

New product launches had food and beverage readers buzzing this week.