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4 tips from CPG executives on the future of brands

Executives from General Mills, Coca-Cola and other CPG firms share how brands can stay relevant in today's culture.

Catering to the way consumers cook today

Changes in the way US consumers cook and eat at home are creating opportunities for food retailers, restaurants and tech companies.

Sweet Street Blueberry Oat Pullman Loaf
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In this interview, chef Diego Fernandez discusses how ingredients shape his menu, where he looks for culinary inspiration and his favorite ways to put seasonal produce on the menu.

A Walmart executive’s advice for brands and PepsiCo’s deal to buy SodaStream caught SmartBrief readers’ attention this week.

How consumer interest in healthy food is prompting an evolution in grocery retail

Shoppers are growing increasingly interested in better-for-you foods, and that's making an impact on how grocers design stores, adopt technology and select the items they sell.

Innovating the customer experience

For as long as the internet has existed, data has been collected and used to sell everything from products, services, ideas and more. But how has this benefited the customer experience, and how can physical retailers leverage this trend offline?

Shifting toward transparency in food, beverage and personal care products

Consumers are increasingly seeking more clean-label products, even though no strict definition exists to describe exactly what that means. Here’s how brands can meet shoppers where they are.

Top 10: A modern McDonald’s, Tyson’s protein plans, ALDI’s new US offerings

McDonald's new Chicago eatery, Tyson Foods plant-based protein plans, new products at ALDI US

Insights from the UK Calorie Reduction Summit – and what they mean for US restaurants

CEO and founder of Healthy Dining Anita Jones-Mueller shares her insights from the recent UK Calorie Reduction Summit, including what UK restaurants can learn from the US about menu labeling, and what's on the horizon for US restaurants.

Boost interest in beverages with on-trend iced coffee, sparkling water
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Offering on-trend beverages such as iced coffee, sparkling water and festive and flavorful cocktails and mocktails can help foodservice operators spark customer interest.

Female consumers differ slightly from their male counterparts when it comes to seeking out and buying food products. Here’s what companies should take into consideration when deciding how best to market their goods to women.

Top 10: Chobani's condiment debut, Dean Foods' plant closures and remembering Joel Robuchon

A new condiment from Chobani, Dean Foods' plan to closure seven plants and the death of chef Joel Robuchon made this week's most-clicked list.

National brands drive revenue growth, Acosta report finds
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National brands account for the vast majority of revenue growth, and shoppers believe name brands offer higher quality across categories, according to Acosta’s Why Brands Matter report.

Better plant-based burgers find a place on the menu

Small chains and indie eateries feed demand for plant-based meats.

The organic journey: Differences between today's organic buyers

The organic segment continues to be a bright spot within an otherwise slower performing overall food and beverage market.