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Is micro-catering coming to an office near you?

Office catering services have become more personalized as the micro-catering trend has gained steam.

Private-label products have experienced unparalleled growth in recent years thanks to changing consumer preferences.

Ferrara Candy’s headquarters move and CPG company acquisitions ranked high on this week’s list of most-clicked stories.

health and wellness spa cbd

Spas continue to cater to those who want to eat healthy and use natural remedies, and these days, that translates to the use of CBD oil as well.

The foodservice and culinary news that shaped 2018 [Image: McDonald's redesigned Chicago flagship]

Restaurant revamps, plant-based dishes and changes in company culture made headlines this year.

Pillsbury promotes ugly sweaters, Arby's parent acquires Sonic, Walmart tests food-prep robot

A run on Pillsbury's ugly sweaters tops this week's most-read list.

Despite low unemployment and long after experts declared the Great Recession over, an uneven economic recovery and the growing bifurcation of wealth have shaped -- and altered -- how many consumers source their food and understand brands.

Frozen food renaissanc will make waves in grocery in 2019
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Higher prices and changing shopper behavior will make waves in the grocery industry in the coming year, according to predictions from Acosta.

mocktail culture

More consumers are skipping alcohol -- find out how it's affecting bar bills.

News of CPG launches and acquisitions caught food and beverage readers' attention this week.

papalo sandwich

As the trend cycle moves faster and younger generations seek out new experiences, it’s becoming even more important for every type of operator not just pay attention to the next generation of foods and flavors, but to start acting on them even sooner.

How entrepreneurs built a few of D.C.’s top eateries (Image: Exterior of Compass Rose in Washington, D.C.)

The founders of Washington, D.C.'s Compass Rose and Timber Pizza dish on how they broke into the restaurant business and built their successful eateries from the ground up.

Whole Foods' trend predictions

Whole Foods' trend predictions for 2019 struck a chord with readers this week, as did stories from Kellogg and Ahold Delhaize.

Vegan cheese brands are growing faster with products that come closer to the taste and texture of dairy cheese.

Vegan cheese brands are growing faster with products that come closer to the taste and texture of dairy cheese.


From healthy alternatives to globally inspired fare, today's consumer trends are spurring a bevy of new CPG products.