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Top 10: Target’s grocery growth, US eateries’ inclusion on World’s Best list, CPG supply chain concerns

This week, news from Walmart, Hershey and BurgerFi also caught the attention of readers.

How fancy food brands can feed consumers in the pandemic and beyond

Convenience, cravings, finances and health concerns are factors driving pandemic-era food choices.

Top 10: A gourmet Golden Oreo, sweet potato cheesecake and modified packaging for Entenmann's

SmartBrief food and beverage readers had a sweet tooth this week, with several of the most clicked stories focusing on baked goods and desserts.

Grocers embrace robotics, automated systems

Food retailers introduce consumers to new technology tools and improve established systems through robotics and automation.

Top 10: Unilever’s new work-from-home policy, Albertsons’ partnership with Pinterest

SmartBrief food and beverage readers were also drawn in by McDonald’s COVID-19 vaccination preparations.

Fancy Food 24/7: How the pandemic has flavored food trends

Home cooking skills and preferences developed during the pandemic are on track to drive specialty food trends over the next year.

Top 10: Crispitos shortage, grocery demand and the greening of Burger King

Restaurant Brands International aims to reach net-zero emissions in less than 30 years.

Ghost kitchens and virtual brands: pandemic necessity or the future of restaurants?

As consumers increasingly choose delivery and have more positive experiences with ghost kitchens, there is potential for these virtual brands to become a permanent part of the restaurant landscape.

Restaurants turn to tech tools to streamline vaccine requirements, verification

As more restaurants begin to require customers to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination for indoor dining, many are enlisting technology solutions to streamline the process of informing diners and verifying their vaccination status.

Top 10: Federal COVID-19 vaccine order, Trader Joe's expansion, Hershey holiday candy

Stories about the White House’s vaccine requirement and its effect on the food and beverage industry took up nearly half of this week’s most-clicked list.

How the pandemic is reshaping restaurant real estate

The pandemic has created struggles, opportunities in the restaurant world.

Top 10: A tale of 2 chickens, Walmart’s ghost kitchens, Whole Foods’ Just Walk Out stores

Plant-based food maker Impossible Foods rolled out its first chicken alternative this week, adding Impossible Chicken Nuggets to it’s lineup of burger and sausage alternatives.

Is your business ready for what’s next in sustainability?

What sustainable trends are coming to the forefront of mainstream consumers’ behaviors that will impact your business?

Celebrating technologies transforming the travel industry

SmartBrief announces the winners and nominees of the Innovation Awards for Business Traveler.