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Series: How to deliver on what today’s health-conscious food consumers want

Whether it’s wanting healthier versions of classic dishes and snack foods or searching for grocery items that cater to particular dietary needs, the quest for a healthier lifestyle is pervading the food industry in full force.

Top 10: Restaurants grapple with reopening, CPG firms see results of pandemic buying

This week, news of some eateries being allowed to open again and of strong financial results for food manufacturers grabbed readers’ attention.

Custom labels give grab-and-go customers the full picture of what’s on their plate
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Off-premise foodservice is on the rise, and labels can make grab-and-go meals even more convenient by offering customers nutrition and ingredient info up front.

How consumer behavior is forever changing the grocery, CPG industry

Shifts in consumer shopping behavior brought on by the coronavirus pandemic are creating what could be lasting changes in CPG and food retail.

COVID-19: Lessons learned in the travel industry

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the airline, cruise and hotel industries, possibly forever.

Top 10: Kroger, Starbucks and the post-pandemic future of food

Grocery shopping during and after the pandemic proved a popular topic with readers.

Functional food and beverages persist during coronavirus

Shoppers are looking for snacks and beverages with ingredients that promote health and wellness, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Restaurants get creative with off-premises dining to create a sense of place

With dining rooms temporarily shut down by the coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants are putting more thought into the food they offer for off-premises dining.

Top 10: Grocers, restaurants, food suppliers change with the times

SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers were drawn in by stories of how the industry is reacting and adjusting to the new normal.

In a time of uncertainty, consumers credit grocers for stepping up

US grocery shoppers are highly concerned about the coronavirus pandemic.

How will the coronavirus outbreak affect the plant-based food industry?

The popularity of plant-based foods was on the rise before the pandemic, and many in the industry see potential for further growth.

Top 10: The food and beverage industry continues to adjust to the new normal

For the fifth week in a row, SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers were drawn to stories about how companies are responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

The role of food in health care

During this time of need, it’s only becoming more crucial to consider not just patients’ wants in terms of food and beverage offerings, but also re-assess what health care operators need from suppliers in order to weather this storm.

Top 10: Effects of the coronavirus outbreak on restaurants, grocery

Coronavirus-related food world stories grabbed readers' attention this week.

Modern desserts embrace sweet, salty and umami flavors
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Chefs no longer stop at sweet when developing desserts. For its new Zoe’s Crush cookie, Sweet Street incorporated miso and other umami-boosters for a complex treat.