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Retailers, manufacturers make CBD moves

With interest in the category only growing, where do manufacturers and food retailers stand on CBD-infused products?

First-to-market sweet potato product from Idahoan Foods relieves cooking fatigue in 60 seconds
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Idahoan Foods tapped into the heat-and-eat pouch trend to create a first-of-its-kind offering that delivers sweet potatoes in a convenient format with a clean label.

Top 10: Starbucks CEO advocates for COVID-19 relief, Publix trials new store concept

This week’s list of top stories also included SpartanNash’s strategy for 2021 as well as Kraft Heinz international growth plans.

Q&A: Consumer Brands brings leaders together for CPG Speaks

SmartBrief spoke with Ellen Davis, executive vice president of industry engagement at the Consumer Brands Association, about the success of the group’s virtual leadership series CPG Speaks.

Datassential's 10 food trends to know in 2021

Here are 10 trends to know – 3 macro trends and 7 flavor and ingredient trends – that you should consider as you think about your 2021 plans.

Top 10: Pringles’ new packaging, Coca-Cola’s recovery plan and Kroger’s e-commerce success

Kellogg’s debut of a new look for Pringles’ packaging was this week’s most clicked story.

2020 year in review: The return of the great American grocery store

As COVID-19 radically altered any semblance of a “normal way of life,” America’s food stores stepped up to provide essential services and, in the process, became consumers’ trusted allies in their struggles to cope with the new realities of the pandemic.

Grocers innovate to make life easier for home cooks

With more consumers than ever cooking their meals at home, grocers are coming up with unique solutions to help them out.

Top 10: Chipotle’s smoked brisket, holiday candy, fried chicken popularity

News that a new federal pandemic stimulus bill does not include specific aid for the foodservice industry also caught readers’ attention.

Q&A: Health and safety will continue to drive grocery retail trends in 2021
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Social distancing, touchless technology and a focus on transparency will continue to drive the way we live our lives and the way we shop in the coming year, according to Acosta’s Colin Stewart.

Individually wrapped items are a shortcut to grab-and-go school meals
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Individually packaged food and beverage items can serve as convenient building blocks for grab-and-go meals that meet USDA meal pattern requirements and reduce food waste.

5 alcoholic beverage trends to know in 2021

Many of the habits developed this year will continue into the year ahead, while new trends will pop up as consumers get back to normal.

How are consumer drinking habits affecting restaurants, grocers?

Consumers are undoubtedly drinking more alcohol amid the pandemic and it's creating a wave of changes for food retailers and restaurants.

Q&A: How nutrition professionals can take an evidence-based approach to debunking food myths
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In this interview, nutrition and media communication consultant Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RDN, LD, discusses how nutrition professionals can help dispel myths “in a time of fake facts and harmful trends.”

Why quickserves had an edge in the year of off-premises dining

The pandemic put a focus on already growing quickserve drive-thru operations.