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Top 10: Burger King’s Restaurant of Tomorrow, Jelly Belly branches out into chocolate

Restaurant chains including Burger King, Taco Bell and Shake Shack unveiled new formats for the pandemic era.

Understanding what today’s eco-conscious food consumers want

Restaurants, CPG manufacturers and food retailers are all investing in new, innovative ways to give eco-conscious consumers what they’re prioritizing in their food choices.

Top 10: Whole Foods chooses permanent dark store location and Wendy’s adds pretzel bun burger to the menu

This week, readers were also interested in Coca-Cola’s restructuring and how to make simple chef-approved chicken dishes at home.

The future of food technology: Consumer values and a healthier food system

Despite their appreciation for all thing fresh and less processed, Americans have a long and historical relationship with packaged foods, food science and technology.

Grocers, CPG producers take on a new era of safety concerns

Grocers and CPG producers are working overtime to ensure the safety of both consumers and employees.

Top 10: M&M's reminds us Halloween is still coming; will Whole Foods be cashierless in 2021?

Candy news hit the sweet spot in this week’s top 10, with Mars Wrigley, Mondelez and Behave, a new direct-to-consumer brand of better-for-you gummy candy making the list.

Restaurants invest in tech tools to increase safety during the pandemic and beyond

As restaurant operators continue to look for ways to serve customers safely amid the coronavirus pandemic, many are outfitting their eateries with high tech solutions to increase sanitation and facilitate contactless payment and other touchless tasks. 

Top 10: Consumers love Clorox, Trader Joe’s grows, Krispy Kreme designs store for the social distance era

Clorox earned the highest ranking of any consumer packaged goods brand on Morning Consult's 2020 50 Most Loved Brands list, and coverage of the annual report was this week’s most clicked story among SmartBrief food and beverage readers.

Creating an experience at food retail is rapidly evolving

In these uncertain times, what are grocers doing to create an experience both in-store and online that keeps customers coming back?

Guiding restaurant recovery: Consumer cravings and communication

Crave-able foods that you can't make at home and sanitation are the pandemic attributes that restaurants big and small will lean into as restaurants begin recovering from the impacts of the pandemic.

Resilience, innovation will help the restaurant industry rebuild

New technologies and the resilient spirit at the heart of the foodservice industry will help restaurants bounce back, The National Restaurant Association’s Tom Bené said during a virtual conference session.

Case ready meat packaging helps retailers increase assortment while reducing labor costs
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Case ready meat offerings cut down on waste and labor for retailers and give shoppers an easy solution for tonight’s dinner or stocking the freezer.

The state of sustainability during COVID-19 in the food industry

What are foodservice and CPG businesses doing to maintain environmental responsibility, even in the middle of a pandemic?

Top 10: A candy redesign, Walmart’s omnichannel push, zucchini carpaccio

Top news this week from Walmart, Wegmans, Ferrero and more