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Modern desserts embrace sweet, salty and umami flavors
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Chefs no longer stop at sweet when developing desserts. For its new Zoe’s Crush cookie, Sweet Street incorporated miso and other umami-boosters for a complex treat.

Top 10: Groceries, restaurants, food and beverage manufacturers respond to coronavirus

Coronavirus-related concerns in the food and beverage industry have continued to be top-of-mind for SmartBrief readers this week.

Coronavirus: Aviation, hospitality industries respond

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, the travel business is doing what it can to adjust to the situation.

Category challenges: Catalysts for greater innovation or causes for decline

Between the rise of challenger categories and private label pursuers, how can we continue to unlock growth potential in the complicated and fast-changing food business?

Top 10: Toilet paper demand, restaurant closures, shorter grocery hours

Fallout from the coronavirus pandemic dominated food and beverage news this week.

Sustainable packaging goes beyond traditional recycling

What solutions are CPG manufacturers turning to for reducing, reusing and recycling food and beverage packaging?

Don't forget about the independent foodservice operator

Single-unit restaurants are a vital component of the foodservice landscape.

Q&A: Tyson partners with Progressive Beef program to bring transparency to beef production process
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Tyson Fresh Meats partnered with the Progressive Beef program to raise the standards of beef production across the industry and give consumers the ability to learn the beef cattle production sustainability and animal welfare story.

Top 10: Retailers cope with coronavirus and a change at the top at Chipotle

Coronavirus-related stories dominated the most-read list this week, including a forecast for a surge in frozen food sales.

How grocery retailers are coping with the coronavirus outbreak

US grocers and mass retailers struggled to keep shelves stocked and customers assured as the number of coronavirus cases continued to rise.

How restaurants are reacting to the coronavirus outbreak

As the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread, restaurants are taking extra precautions to protect their staff and customers.

Top 10: CPG companies take precautions against coronavirus and 3 new Cheez Balls flavors

CPG companies restricting business travel due to coronavirus was this week's most-read story across food and beverage briefs.

What's trending in snacks?

From small bites of sweets to refrigerated, grab-and-go meats and cheeses to new takes on classic chips, consumers are clamoring for a wide variety of snacking options.

Hotels, restaurants warm guests with special cocktails for winter

Hotel bars and restaurants everywhere spice up their drink menus during the winter.

How plant-based meat makers put down roots for their brands

Plant-based meat makers must decide whether it makes sense to launch first in foodservice or retail channels.