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O&P professional at work

How a dynamic health care landscape and technological advancements are reshaping O&P practice

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Wasteful and abusive behavior isn't always intentional, and payers who recognize this can help stem the losses.

How identity verification can prevent millions in losses to enrollment fraud
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Health plans that build identity verification into a systematic fraud prevention approach can stop enrollment fraud before it has an impact.

PAC optimization can unlock value for patients and payers
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Data tools, high-performing networks and a new way of thinking about episodes of care are good for patients and payers.

The brain science of behavior change

Lasting change relies on effective motivation but can't happen without adequate time, systems and a plan for inevitable relapse, Dr. Kyra Bobinet says

Marketing pro asks #whatthehealthcare and sparks a movement

Everyone has a health care story; Burt Rosen created a way for people to tell those stories.

How diabetes educators can lead patients to better health
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The rising incidence of diabetes is placing new importance on patient education.

Why communication needs to be at the center of your member experience strategy
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Health care consumers expect simplicity and personalization. Here's how payers and providers can deliver.

Patient and doctor discussing medical imaging.
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Hospitals with multiple distinct image archiving systems need a way to link those systems for safer, more efficient care.

Doctor entering data into patient records.
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Interoperability and data challenges mean clinicians may lack critical information when treating patients.

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In the age of value-based care, pharmacy benefits embrace new thinking to balance sustainable costs with patient outcomes.

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The most effective payer programs for fighting FWA are tailored to each organization and integrate end-to-end capabilities.

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The Internet of Things holds great promise for helping medical technology companies transform health care.

Veterinary school students face higher costs than ever.
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The rising cost of veterinary school, high interest rates and low starting salaries mean new veterinarians are burdened by debt for years.

Health information technology is frequently invoked as the key to solving America’s biggest health care challenges, but as many in the field acknowledge, the gap between vision and reality is often wide.