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The importance of digital marketing in health care

Collaboration on data analytics
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Overpayment identification is not the place for a one-size-fits-all solution.

Physician talking with patient
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It's a dynamic time in health care, and providers that leverage the right tools and tech won't get left behind.

Use big data to fight fraud
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Fraud, waste and abuse is a costly problem in health care, but data, analytics and AI could turn the tide.

SmartBrief health care trends

Health care is changing fast, but marketers who stay on top of these key trends will remain relevant.

Active senior couple
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Osteoarthritis bracing options are getting better, but reimbursement doesn't always support patient choice.

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How supplemental OTC can engage consumers, improve retention and set health plans apart

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How an end-to-end purpose-built MA enrollment solution can improve market share and the consumer experience.

O&P professional at work

How a dynamic health care landscape and technological advancements are reshaping O&P practice

How identity verification can prevent millions in losses to enrollment fraud
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Health plans that build identity verification into a systematic fraud prevention approach can stop enrollment fraud before it has an impact.

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Wasteful and abusive behavior isn't always intentional, and payers who recognize this can help stem the losses.

PAC optimization can unlock value for patients and payers
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Data tools, high-performing networks and a new way of thinking about episodes of care are good for patients and payers.

The brain science of behavior change

Lasting change relies on effective motivation but can't happen without adequate time, systems and a plan for inevitable relapse, Dr. Kyra Bobinet says

Marketing pro asks #whatthehealthcare and sparks a movement

Everyone has a health care story; Burt Rosen created a way for people to tell those stories.

How diabetes educators can lead patients to better health
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The rising incidence of diabetes is placing new importance on patient education.