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Choosing and optimizing your Medicare Advantage plan’s FDR partners
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Choosing an FDR partner for your MA plan

Non-hormonal options for menopause symptom relief
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Non-hormonal options for menopause symptoms

A new urgency for addressing social determinants of health

COVID-19 cast social gaps and inequities into sharper relief.

Reimagining health and wellness post-pandemic

The pandemic could transform the way we manage health.

Inequity and disparities in health care

How health plans can address inequity and disparities in health care

Opening the door to transformative therapies with VBP

Why plans should use value-based payment models for innovative products

Industry transformation: A silver lining of COVID-19

Practices that had moved further into value-based care were more resilient when crisis hit.

What’s different about the stress clinicians are facing, and what can help

Health care providers are dealing with a surge in cases, and a potent mix of personal and professional challenges.

How 3 health systems are responding to coronavirus

Being flexible, having a mission control center and technology tools, are making a quick transition to telehealth are strategies hospitals use to fight the pandemic.

Editor’s take – Health care and life sciences:  R&D mobilizes, the ultimate disruptor and heroism on the front lines

No story is more important or compelling right now than the one being written on the front lines.

Health care cybersecurity: new front in coronavirus battle

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the cyber vulnerabilities of health care systems across the globe. Organizations like the WHO are fighting back.

Maximizing medical device post-market surveillance
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Better postmarket surveillande for devicemakers

Maximizing the value of virtual care for Medicare and Medicaid
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Virtual care for the Medicare and Medicaid populations