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City leaders are trying to find creative ways to finance tech upgrades

aerial map
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Find out how using aerial maps can help roofers build their businesses

Social Media

Smrsh and NextRequest collaborate on solution that helps organizations conserve resources while increasing their responsiveness to requests from the public.

Hurricane Harvey

When hurricanes strike the Texas Gulf Coast, industry and government must work together to prepare, respond and recover.


The chemical industry and other stakeholders are still learning from Hurricane Harvey.


The American Chemistry Council's GlobalChem conference showcased how environmental groups and the plastics industry are working to keep plastics out of waterways.

ACC CEO Cal Dooley reiterated the importance of sound science and a risk-based approach in comments at the association's 2018 GlobalChem conference.

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Both dispatch and EMTs are saving lives with high-resolution aerial maps that guide decision making though precise location content

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How telecoms can be more efficient using aerial imagery

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From site selection through planning, construction and maintenance, shopping centers are using high-resolution aerial maps as guides

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Implementing intelligent traffic systems can help cities better understand current traffic needs and make adjustments

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Best practices for cities around investing in technology

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Using technology to better connect people with their cities

Vestas crew
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Repowering considerations and what's right for your assets

Lego Land
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How property owners are working to attract shoppers