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Why leaders need to know the difference between teams and rosters

Aaron Rodgers' ongoing dispute with the Green Bay Packers suggests that great organizations are defined by the living culture, not what they look like on paper. This lesson extends beyond sports and should concern all leaders.

How to manage high-conflict through resistance training

Understanding how you and co-workers resist conflict can help everyone manage these situations better. Read on for a deeper dive for leaders and managers.

Leadership tips for hybrid teams
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It is clear that the hybrid model of work, which includes some combination of on-site and remote workers, is likely to remain popular across the workforce landscape.

Here are the habits of employees who lead without the title

Your organization likely has great leaders, doing great work, despite not have the formal authority or title. How can you recogize and elevate these leaders?

Develop your presentation media: The slide deck

Don't default to PowerPoint. Understand why a slide deck exists and how it can enhance your public speaking and presentation style.

A new framework for HR in a "work from anywhere" economy

Global organizations need HR leaders with global intellect, acumen and agility if they're to make the best decisions for the workforce and company.

4 ways to encourage people to do what needs to be done

People will resist when they don't feel they have autonomy. Help them disover their choice with these 4 tips.

How would you characterize the majority of people in your organization?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: How would you characterize the majority of people in your organization?

With culture assessments, should you survey everyone or just a small sample?

Employee assessments can give you valuable insight into your culture, so get everyone's take. Sampling feels like a shortcut but can be damaging in the long run.

Leverage passion or pay?  How to stem the talent exodus

Many Americans are quitting their jobs, fed up with work or responding to pressure to return to pre-pandemic norms. How can leaders support employee fulfillment -- and increase retention?

Why your next project needs an approval workflow

Projects go better when there's a clear path to approval. This Jotform exec offers a guide to creating such a workflow for your team or company.

How mindfulness can help you become more efficient and effective

Mindfulness is a powerful, science-backed tool. Are you using it to your advantage in your career growth?

What you say matters: Bring executive presence to your presentation

When you present to leadership, you belong. Act like it, and don't rush.

What does the future of work look like?

SmartBrief and TechRadar Pro surveyed over 1,200 US-based professionals.

The 6 talent futures

How can you continuously develop talent for the moment? It starts with a clear, data-driven understanding of the talent groups you have and their futures.