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Plan regular 1-to-1 meetings

Regular check-ins with your reports are part of a manager's job. 1:1s help develop trust and clarify expectations. Learn more about how to run them.

How business leaders can expand corporate diversity programs

Companies are talking about diversity, equity and inclusion, but professionals in DEI already have learned many lessons over years of work. Here's what you need to know about DEI implementation.

Thriving through the ongoing pandemic

How can we adjust our lives and our habits to stay connected and resilient as the pandemic nears Year 2?

How to jump-start employee motivation

Leaders in HR and across the company have powerful tools to help employees with motivation. Read on to learn about three key tools, starting with organizational purpose.

Business lessons from repeating as Diablo II reset champion

Speedruns require teams to work together toward a common goal, often under less-than-ideal circumstances. Read on to learn why businesses should pay attention to the lessons learned.

Own the virtual room in your next presentation

Preparation, backup plans and knowing when to make eye contact are just some of the 15 tips here for better remote presentations

The pandemic reminds us how women show up to lead

Research highlights the skills women bring to leadership, especially during a crisis. They often outperform men, which should cause us to reconsider our assumptions.

The continued crisis is a call to kindness

COVID-19 continues to affect your organization and your employees. Some will share their struggle, others won't. Kindness is all aspects in needed more than ever.

Stop walking on eggshells

Conflict and disagreement are inevitable. How we handle that is up to us, however.

What leaders can take away from Bezos' big news

Jeff Bezos won't be CEO of Amazon for much longer. We can all learn from him, but remember that he's a human, not a mythological hero.

How to balance workplace friendship with professionalism

Work friendship isn't simple, especially when you're the boss. But the answer isn't to disconnect. Here are 3 steps for building better relationships with your team.

Have you ever been through an M&A process during your career?

SmartBrief on Leadership's latest poll question: Have you ever been through a merger/acquisition process during your career?

Avoid getting blindsided: Turn your managers into leaders

Managers can act differently around leaders than they do their team. It's up to leaders to watch for 3 big red flags.

Why great leaders speak last

Leaders can dominate meetings and stifle ideas if they're not careful. Try this approach instead in your next meeting to draw out your employees' ideas and contributions.

Grainger, Graybar, Cardinal share pandemic lessons from distributors

2 distribution CEOs and a leader in the vaccine distribution effort spoke at the NAW 2021 Digital Summit about leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.