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Protecting employees from COVID-19 through connection

Safely reopening workplaces requires employees to adhere to guidelines. But not every workplace culture will produce the results we want.

When crisis provokes the need for personal change

We have biases that we need to examine before we can improve our society and address racial inequities.

Why entrepreneurs become bad managers and how to be a better one

Micromangagers and absent managers are all too common in startups. While understandable, neither mode is a long-term plan.

How to help others do a mental reboot

You don’t need to be a trained coach to help people break out of their mental paralysis. Here's what you need to know.

How do you handle distractions that break your concentration and focus?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: How do you handle distractions that break your concentration and focus?

4 ways older workers help businesses thrive in uncertain times
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Research shows that a multigenerational staff working together yields the best results in innovation, creativity and profitability.

"Because I said so" isn't the answer

Compliance isn't the same as influence, and it's not lasting. All tyrants start out as leaders, but not all leaders become tyrants.

The importance of nonverbal communication in virtual meetings

Gestures and other nonverbal communication is underrated, and it's especially important during virtual meetings.

Innovations born out of catastrophic global events
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During the 20th century, widespread disasters were often the impetus for systemic change that benefited society. Stock market crashes, global wars, and worldwide pandemics wreaked havoc, but some of the most important innovations came out of them.

Why are leadership thinkers silent about Floyd and the protests?

The killing of George Floyd and everything that’s resulted from it should be a prime leadership teaching moment for people who write about that sort of thing, but most aren't sharing an opinion -- any opinion. That's not a good thing.

Managing anger in controversial times

Anger is its form of pandemic facing our workplaces. How can we do better with ourselves and our teams?

Strategic leadership: What it means today

Fear or self-actualization: Which feeling will you lead people toward?

The one leadership hack we've all been looking for is free

Becoming a better listener requires deliberate practice and tactics. Luckily, we can learn how. Here are 8 steps to take.

Why return to normal? How to capitalize on lessons learned

Not all change is good, but the changes we make now should be examined so that the "new normal" is truly a new beginning.

5 skills for virtual leadership that inspires

The goal hasn't changed with remote work and remote meetings -- leaders need to inspire people to be purposeful, positive and productive. Here's advice on how to do that.