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Self-confidence is key for entrepreneurs looking to jump-start a new business.

Construction companies frequently market their commitment to safety and ability to finish projects on time. In today's market, it takes more than that to stand out.

How to use content to drive sales -- without the hard sell
How to use content to drive sales -- without the hard sell

To create content that engages readers and builds relationships with clients, brands should focus on educating their target audience rather than making a sales pitch.

Social media marketers should create campaigns that focus on story, dialogue and visuals to attract users' attentions.

The most successful logos are often the simplest. Try creating your own by finding an icon that represents your brand and is easy to duplicate.

To win at social media you must ask yourself, “What would Judd Apatow do?” Find humor, be yourself, and make sure you capture it on camera.

The Engine is Red’s founder, Chris Denny, explores the worlds and values of investor-owned and independent marketing agencies.

The demand for true marketing personalization is completely upending the strategies, scope and meaning of loyalty and rewards programs.

Has social media reached a saturation level - and what will happen in 2019?

We are now at the stage where the content we want should come to us -- without our having to search for it.