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Failure to implement marketing tactics and analytics effectively can prove troublesome for brands.

The best logos are timeless - but incorporating some design trends can make a brand stand out in a crowded marketing space.

Many organizations are looking to agencies to provide skill sets not core to the team, as well as to quickly scale as needs or opportunities emerge -- without being locked into permanent overhead.

Best practices for getting the most from your digital ad campaign, from SmartBrief marketing analyst Alex Pavelich

Ad fraud is becoming increasingly pervasive in mobile advertising -- a critical channel for advertisers in 2018 -- and it’s not just growing, it’s evolving too.

Social media is a powerful, fighting force in the world of digital advertising and marketers must stay alert to the coming changes on the horizon and make the necessary adjustments to stay relevant.

Modern marketers need carefully considered strategies and data, not just tools and technology, to implement successful digital marketing.

Where do segmentation clusters fit in in the new world order of micro-audience targeting?

Just like going outside to kick around the soccer ball with friends, Gen Z now hops on a gaming device to compete and connect with friends playing games like Grand Theft Auto Online, Fortnite and Clash Royale, or watch professional gamers and streamers.

With the loss of big in-store player Toys R Us, and more of a digital reliance, here are the trends to expect in retail this holiday season.