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Branded podcasts are a great way to engage with an audience and they do not need to cost a lot of money to launch or maintain.

Feeling the pressure as the end of the year approaches? Here's how to tackle Q4 and ensure a strong start to 2018..

Predictive marketing utilizes segmentation, machine learning and automated triggers to send the most effective email content for each shopper to ultimately convert more sales.

How retailers can fill in the gaps of today’s customer experience
How retailers can fill in the gaps of today’s customer experience

Consumers have a lot of demands in today's digital shopping environment, but sometimes meeting them is easier said than done. Where does that leave retailers? A new report from SmartBrief found out.

Television watching is not dying out -- it is evolving and marketers should tap the technology available to reach new audience segments more effectively.

With offensive events going viral, brands have to enable employees through knowledge to always have the brand's values at the forefront.

Brands need a refresh every three years, or sooner, to keep up with changing technologies and consumer preferences.

Connecting with an audience through live events is effective but takes the right teams, technology and targeting to succeed.

Playable ads are the next big thing for gaming, but are they ready for marketing primetime?