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Marketing, data tips from Pinterest, YouTube, SRAX

Mike Driehorst highlights presentations by Pinterest, YouTube and SRAX representatives during the recent IAB Direct Brand Summit in NYC.

How to win with social at live experiences

GLOW’s Jennifer Fink and Sarah Pine detail six steps for you to take to make the most out of social media at live events and experiences.

FAQ: Top Digital Marketing Trends Q4 2019

SmartBrief answers the most frequently asked digital marketing questions from across the internet - Q4 2019 edition.

Data clean rooms offer new opportunities to data-poor verticals

MightyHive’s Adrian Domek makes an argument that data clean room can give marketers “superpowers” as they work to comply with upcoming data privacy and protection regulations.

Make the most out of your Q4 budget

Feeling the pressure as the end of the year approaches? Here's how to tackle Q4 and ensure a strong start to 2020

Static vs. Digital OOH: Here is how they stack up

Wrapify’s James Heller explores the pros and cons of OOH versus DOOH and the evolving technology behind each.

Q&A: How services, warranties bring the retail customer journey full circle
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Retailers are always thinking about the customer journey up until the purchase, but what happens beyond the buy? Cover Genius exec Peter Paine talks about the importance of service offerings and how insurance and warranties complete the customer journey.

The Anatomy of Facebook Audiences: Why Audience Matters

Everything about Facebook Audiences and how to best leverage them in your marketing campaigns.

Is the static banner’s demise finally near?

InMobi’s Anne Frisbie explores why brands seems to be moving away from static banner ads and using more mobile-first creative formats.

3  things retail brands can learn from China about winning in a competitive market

If you think the US retail market is competitive, take a look at China. Sam Sterling and Allen Adamson offer lessons retailers in America and elsewhere can learn from their top Chinese counterparts.

Getting ahead in the retail content game: A conversation with a SmartBrief publisher

Ahead of the report, Dena Malouf, SmartBrief’s group publisher for retail, sat down to talk about the importance of content strategy for customer engagement.

Firefox nudges advertisers toward cookie alternative

Marketers are grappling with Firefox's move to block third-party trackers by default. What does this mean for cookies and the future of digital advertisers?

Who knew Black Friday online sales were so big in China?

Azoya’s Franklin Chu explores the “big business” of Black Friday in China, and how US retailers can prepare to participate in it.

Live from Advertising Week: Measurement solution aims to bridge the gap between linear, OTT
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Roku and video marketing platform Innovid have teamed up to launch a new solution that allows marketers to compare linear and OTT data at scale. At Advertising Week in New York, a panel talked about the implications of the new solution.

Marketers, tech firms taking steps to mesh privacy with personalization

While technology companies and government agencies work on consumer privacy protection, here’s a look at how marketers can develop processes and work with vendors to still create targeted messaging while respecting consumers’ data.