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How marketing personalization should evolve

While personalization is key in marketing, it can go too far at times. Invoca’s Laura Schierbel looks at how marketers can go beyond targeting and “translate data into a more human experience.”

Voice Tech Zeitgeist: Super Bowl ads reveal our complex, ever-evolving relationship with AI

RAIN’s Eric Turkington explores how Amazon, Google and Coca-Cola incorporated voice AI into their Super Bowl advertising campaigns.

Insights From a Cybersecurity and Anti-Fraud Startup

SmartBrief's exclusive interview with Adam Rogas of NS8, on being CEO of an e-commerce anti-fraud startup.

3 pitfalls marketers should avoid in 2020

MediaNet CEO Julia Amorim uses her perspective in examining the past decade and details three mistakes that the marketing industry should avoid in 2020.

A Glimpse into the Future of Cybersecurity

SmartBrief's exclusive interview with Steve Morgan of Cybersecurity Ventures & Cybercrime Magazine, on the future of Cybersecurity.

3 takeaways from NRF Big Show: A human touch, sustainability and the changing role of tech

Tens of thousands of attendees headed to NYC for NRF's Big Show this year. Read about the three biggest trends from the show.

Opinion: As presidential election looms, DOOH can be powerful bet for candidates

Vistar Media’s Leslie Lee says digital out-of-home advertising offers benefits over other forms of marketing for candidates, such geotargeting, higher levels of trust and it can’t be “ad-blocked.”

Human-Centered Design lets carriers unlock the door to the Experience Economy

Mobile Posse’s Arty Rivera explores the importance of Human-Centered Design and how mobile carriers can use that approach to improve the customer experience.

From industry giant to rising startup: CPGs make genuine connections between brands and consumers

Executives from P&G and oral care startup Hello Products talked to attendees at Retail's Big Show about how the way they approach advertising and talk to consumers has changed in the era of DTC.

2020 digital marketing trends: Emerging tech is no longer considered 'emerging'

Blue Fountain Media’s Brian Byer looks at three key trends for 2020 – AI, voice search and 5G – and why your company must put these on your to-do list, or get left behind.

2020 Cybersecurity Trends: Industry Poll + Interview

SmartBrief readers share their top cybersecurity concerns for 2020, plus an interview with the editor of SmartBrief on Cybersecurity.

60-second branding

THINKTOPIA’s Patrick Hanlon tells how you can improve your brand in 60 seconds and details the meaning and importance of primal branding.

US retail giants invest in strategic partnerships

Azoya USA’s Franklin Chu explores how Amazon, Kroger and Walmart created strategic partnerships with Chinese companies, and offers three key takeaways to show how other retailers can do the same.

How protection services combat retail’s promotional environment and boost sales margins
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Retailers' sales margins can suffer in today's highly promotional environment -- especially coming off of the holiday season. Find out how extended warranties and other protection services help combat that promotional environment and boost margins.

A glimpse into what’s coming in 2020

SmartBrief Media Digital Editor Mike Driehorst layout what 2020 is expected to hold for the marketing community, with trend predictions from 4A’s, IAB, Zappar, The Richards Group, Fantasy, Hart and Analytic Partners.