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Digital marketing’s effectiveness during the coronavirus

A resource for brands to better understand what audiences are gravitating toward amid the coronavirus crisis. Original research by SmartBrief.

11 web design best practices to elevate user experience

Attrock’s Gaurav Sharma details 11 best practices for web design, from optimizing page load speeds and ensuring your site is ADA-compliant, to tips for technical SEO and creating a clean design.

Commentary: Why in-house programmatic will transform how brands communicate

ViralGains’ Tod Loofbourrow looks at why he believes more brands will take their programmatic ad buying in-house, and the impact that will have on brand messaging to customers and prospects.

Old school, millennial combo: 2020 marketing strategies

OnCourse’s Erin Merrill looks at the benefits of various old-school and new-school marketing techniques, and how they can be combined to meeting marketing goals.

What do consumers think about artificial intelligence?

While artificial intelligence is ready to be leveraged by global enterprise, many consumers still express reservations about its uses and deployment. A recent consumer-focused survey reveals some of their feelings about AI and its implementation.

Your media plan is missing audience unless you measure all screens

Amobee’s Aleck Schleider looks at the importance for marketers to “measure holistically across all screens” so that “their media plan will see the total audience.”

Why COVID-19 may call for a brand reset (and how to pull it off)

With the business disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, MediaNet’s Julia Amorim says now may be a good time to do a brand rest – and offers three steps to do so confidently in a way that will be easy to understand and implement.

FAQ: Top Digital Marketing Trends 2020

We’ve aggregated some of this year’s most frequently asked digital marketing questions and compiled the answers here for you.

Consumers force brands to rewrite marketing playbooks amidst coronavirus

Yotpo’s Raj Nijjer offers several takeaways from a recent Yotpo consumer survey and explores how marketers can “shift their priorities” in light of the findings.

Marketers need to rethink their strategies for these extraordinary times: Embrace digital and optimization

Airship’s Mike Herrick explores how B2C and B2B marketers should “embrace customers digitally” and explore new ways to experiment to maintain their customer connections during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

B2B marketing automation platforms: Making the right choice

Choosing the right B2B marketing automation platform for your company can be difficult. SmartBrief provides best practices for navigating the situation.

Future-proof your resume: The top 5 digital marketing skills to learn now

BrainStation CEO Jason Field explores digital marketing skills professionals need to know to help recession-proof their careers.

Influencers see surge in engagement, want to help SMBs

Influence Central’s Stacy DeBroff unveils findings of an influencer survey that shows how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their social media, their daily habits and their desire to help brands.

Business communications key during coronavirus

SmartBrief Digital Media Editor Mike Driehorst talks with experts about how brands should communicate to their internal and external audiences during the coronavirus pandemic.

Striking a balance between data privacy & digital personalization

RangeMe’s Brandon Leong looks at trends in personalization and data privacy, before giving five data best practices for retailers.