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Schwab IMPACT speaker examines how advisors can communicate effectively

Financial advisors must fight misinformation and distraction and practice effective communication to keep clients on a positive path, said an expert at Schwab IMPACT 2019.

Q&A: How services, warranties bring the retail customer journey full circle
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Retailers are always thinking about the customer journey up until the purchase, but what happens beyond the buy? Cover Genius exec Peter Paine talks about the importance of service offerings and how insurance and warranties complete the customer journey.

Why do so many businesses feel unprepared for a data breach?

Many businesses say they don't feel prepared for a data breach, despite 2019 being named the worst year of cybercrimes so far. Businesses need to be looking into ways to fend them off because cyber attacks aren't going away.

Top 10: Kroger’s new logo, P.F. Chang’s new concept, Halloween CPG products

Food and beverage readers ate up stories about Kroger’s new logo and P.F. Chang’s new nightclub concept this week.

Schwab IMPACT panel: China offers expanding investment opportunities

China is presenting more avenues for investment as consumer services drives its economy, according to a Schwab IMPACT panel.

Boost employee engagement with your wellness program: 6 tips

Human resources professionals can craft excellent wellness programs to keep employees engaged. Sign up for SmartBrief HR news to learn more.

Schwab IMPACT speakers: Fixed income having strong year, will remain key in diversification

Fixed income has seen strong demand, and investors should maintain bonds as a crucial part of their portfolios in the years ahead, experts at Schwab IMPACT said.

Boosting your mental agility and critical thinking

Mental agility and critical thinking do not require an elevated IQ, advanced degree, lofty position or specific personal style. They do require a dedicated willingness to test assumptions and biases, as well as seek out other viewpoints.

Sustainability 2019: Evolving consumer priorities around purchasing and packaging

Consumer concerns over climate change, plastic waste and other perceived ills are pushing companies and government toward real action.

The art of not taking offense

Communication is difficult, and mistakes will happen. You can hammer away at each other, or someone can be willing to be the anvil.

HR Recruiting on Social Media: HR Best Practices

Attract top job seekers with these HR best practices for social media.

What expert authors can tell you about storytelling and business

Storytelling helps people understand where facts and data alone won't suffice.

4 keys to achieving reading proficiency

An assistant superintendent shares how her district starts early, engages parents, and offers students access to books they’re excited to read year-round.

Improve performance through psychological safety

Safety means more than avoiding physical injury. Our psyches also need to feel safe.

Is breakfast your jam?

It’s commonly said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do consumers really think that? Spoiler alert: Yes, they do.