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How to remove distractors from your workday

Distractions are your enemy. Here's a guide to understanding those distractions and forming a plan against them.

SmartBrief, MFHA unveil Foodservice and Hospitality Diversity and Cultural Intelligence Report

martBrief and MFHA have collaborated on an in-depth survey to create a report on the state of diversity in foodservice and hospitality.

COVID-19’s disparate toll on household routines and Americans’ paths to well-being

Despite heightened public attention to the pandemic’s negative effects on consumers’ health, a substantial portion of Americans actually feel their health and wellness improved during the pandemic.

What is the Georgia Defense Exchange?
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The Georgia Defense Exchange offers a suite of tools to identify contract opportunities from federal and State of Georgia agencies, research previously awarded contracts, analyze Defense spending data and trends and access training resources.

6 communication and technology trends worth keeping

Effective, tech-enabled habits that schools adopted during the pandemic uncertainty have a place in the modern classroom moving forward.

Why CTV is a key answer in a cookieless future

Amid all the privacy and identity issues, the digital ad ecosystem is in crisis. To counter this, connected TV has the potential to be a more effective channel for marketers, giving them the opportunity to get ahead of measurement and address identity.

How to do CSR right and build stakeholder trust

How can an effective corporate social responsibility program build trust?

This is not a forever virtual business world

Work won't remain virtual forever, and there are good reasons for that. Here's a look at what to expect next.

Can the US get the strategy right for high-speed rail?

The US has an opportunity to transform public transit through high-speed rail. But public transit leaders warn that won't happen unless the funding strategy avoids mistakes of the past.

Top 10: Unilever’s workplace culture, Subway’s menu makeover

News from Unilever, Subway and J. Alexander's stood out to SmartBrief's food and beverage readers this week.

To cope with labor shortages, raise emotional compensation

Compensation is top of mind as organizations try to retain employees. Along with pay and benefits, emotional compensation will mean the difference between retention and turnover.

The ABCs of responding to the Great (or not so great) Resignation

Resignations recently hit an all-time high. You can't prevent every employee departure, but proactive leadership can retain more people and make for smoother offboarding.

Improve decisions, experiences with 4 reflection methods

True reflection can lead to better, more useful insights.

Why empathy is still crucial for successful marketing

While data-driving marketing has become important as technology has advanced, Do Supply’s Hanna Marcus cautions that empathetic marketing always "will stand the test of time."

How to Grow the Green Mortgage Market

The housing finance system could be tweaked to make homes energy efficient and deploy more renewables