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The population demographics in the US are shifting dramatically from one generation to the next, and compounded by rapid developments in technology, the food experience is becoming more nuanced and individualized.

Have you heard the term “insecure overachiever” and if so, would you consider yourself one?

Consumer products trends and what they mean for your cyber strategy
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Emerging technologies are creating opportunities for consumer goods companies to connect with customers and optimize costs -- but many of these technologies can also open the door to cybersecurity threats.

Passion drives learning when a group of students create a device to help prevent concussions.

The chief marketing officer as CEO of Marketing

With population growth, climate change and technological innovations, the landscape today isn’t the same as it was yesterday and it won’t be the same tomorrow.


Take it from this father and business owner: You won’t kill your career by setting firm boundaries between work and life.

What the US CPG industry can learn from China

Chinese consumers are swiftly embracing digital tools and connecting directly with CPG companies. Find out the lessons that US manufacturers can glean from their experiences.


Part of being a leader is nurturing ideas and curiousity in your team. Lead by example.

What’s trending? From makerspaces to repeating grades, don’t miss these most-read stories.

Firms that encourage huddles, not hurdles, deliver the best results

Domino's new "pizza theater" concept sets sales record.

Stories from Kellogg, Welch's, Coca-Cola, Domino's, Dunkin' proved popular with SmartBrief readers.


Your success depends on intelligence, yes, but more the emotional kind that you might be neglecting.

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The Denver Public Library system is a shining example of how government agencies can better serve their public in creative ways while winning grant funding

Agile steps

Why agile thinking is becoming a must for career development.