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3 under-the-radar opportunities for construction, design firms

The coronavirus pandemic has forced builders and designers to think outside the box. Here are three strategies that warrant consideration.

Are we talking about infrastructure the right way?

Most discussions about infrastructure center around projects, not people. Industry observers say that needs to change.

Top 10: 2021 food and beverage trends and Trader Joe’s expands D&I efforts

New CPG product debuts and Pizza Hut’s “Nothing But Stuffed Crust” also caught the attention of SmartBrief food and beverage readers.

Restaurants, food brands find a partner in Veganuary

Veganuary's growing popularity among consumers has spurred plant-based brands to participate in the 31-day vegan challenge.

Take your leadership to the next level: Lead well in all directions

People advance into upper leadership by becoming good at leading peers, bosses and across functions. Too much leadership training, however, is only about leading direct reports.

Improving equity, diversity in STEM career pathways

Experts weigh in on how we can expose underrepresented students to opportunities in the STEM fields.

COVID-19 and the New Modern Convenience

What does convenience look like when a global pandemic throws normal schedules and routines into disarray?

"We" are the problem

Too many workplace discussions complain that "we" aren't doing enough. What are YOU doing to turn complaining into action?

Build an engaged, inclusive e-reading community

Here's how build an e-reading community for students that is inclusive of a diverse range of learning styles and needs.

Resolve to stop doing these things as a leader

Leaders are defined by what they do, but also what they choose to stop doing or avoid doing. Here are some bad management practices to stop in 2021.

How to get uncomfortable and elevate your leadership in 2021

Conflict avoidance is a bad idea when you're the boss. Here are some ways to overcome reluctance and be the leader your people need.

Who do you most admire?

When asked who they most admire, we tend to default to presidents, first ladies and celebrities. Why not look closer, at the people in our daily lives?

The final word on New Year's resolutions

Too many New Year's resolutions fail to consider how motivation works. Here's a guide to making better resolutions for 2021.

2021 will bring continuing focus on wellness, flexitarian diets, and ways to make dining out safe and memorable

Looking ahead to 2021, many of the food trends predicted by chefs, retail executives and other experts reflect the changing way consumers eat both at and away from home. 

How generous of a person would you say you are?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: How generous of a person would you say you are?