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Top 10: H-E-B's Texas roots, Red Robin's turnaround and hydroponic veggies at Whole Foods

Vertical farming startup Plenty has signed a deal to supply Whole Foods and Safeway stores.

How often do you move team members around to cross-pollinate skills and culture?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll: How often do you move team members around to cross-pollinate skills and culture?

Take control of vocal delivery: Be yourself and be heard

Vocal delivery matters -- the trick is to get better at it without becoming obsessed.

Editor’s take – Health care and life sciences: Google might have your health data, the ACA (again) and tax relief

A suprising Google partnership, the ACA's murky future and a few long-sought gifts for health care stakeholders captured attention in Q4.

5 leadership styles and the one that outperforms them all

There are many leadership styles, but only one optimal method, argues research.

Why curriculum mapping matters and how to pull it off

Strategies to get your district on track with curriculum mapping.

Achieve sustainability through digital transformation in 2020
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For companies that are open to digital transformation, 2020 is going to be a banner year. Technology has improved efficiencies and increased productivity in the workplace unlike anything seen since the ‘90s.

How a middle school classroom redesign increased student ownership of learning

Middle-school students took ownership of their learning when their teacher redesigned their classroom

What’s Hot for 2020: Plant-based, many ways

Plant-based proteins came out on top of the culinary trends ranked by chefs in a new report from The National Restaurant Association, but the survey also sheds some light on other trends we can expect to see in plant-forward dishes this year.

First steps for adding reproductive testing to your practice
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First steps for adding reproductive testing to your practice

Why finding your passion is terrible advice

Chasing passions alone isn't the way to a successful, fulfilling life. You need purpose.

2020 Leadership Trends: Industry Poll + Interview

SmartBrief readers share their top leadership priorities for 2020, plus an interview with the editor of SmartBrief on Leadership.

Educational first impressions

Thinking about first impressions as a system of small moments can have a big impact on students, staff and visitors. Ideas for doing it right.

Use your brand when making a change

Business transformation is easier when it's inspired by your brand's values, purpose and attributes.

2020 Outlook: Advancing the safety and sustainability of the chemical industry
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The Responsible Care commitment continues to set the agenda for making the chemicals industry safer and more transparent. Learn how they're preparing for the next decade.