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5 marketing experts share their 2022 trends

SmartBrief reached out to five experts from across the marketing communications spectrum for five key trends you should watch for in 2022 as you plan your marketing moves.

Restaurants, food brands find a partner in Veganuary

Veganuary's growing popularity among consumers has spurred plant-based brands to participate in the 31-day vegan challenge.

3 competencies you need to lead this year

Learn why today's leaders need emotional intelligence, people development and integrative thinking to build great organizations.

How algorithm updates impact your SEO

LinkGraph’s Manick Bhan takes a deep dive into Google search algorithms – and four steps to take after an algorithm update.

What a health scare can teach about EQ and social awareness

Empathy is especially important because, as our author learned after a health scare, people are quick to make negative assumptions or judgments of others.

Hubert Joly: Put your heart into your business

Former Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly shares lessons learned from reviving the retailer and why the workplace needs to evolve to be more employee-focused.

Empathy: It's your game-changer

How can leadership convert empathy from pity into action? Learn more about what empathetic, effective leadership looks like.

4 ways marketers can prepare for 2022

As 2022 gets underway, marketers must understand these shifts and be prepared to shift strategies to address them. Here are four trends to watch.

The secret of great companies is chemistry, not alchemy

Leaders can't dictate corporate culture, but employee chemistry isn't alchemy! Learn why corporate chemistry is within your control, unlike Rumpelstiltskin's alchemy.

Key consumer motivations driving growth in plant-based foods

Consumer interest in plant-focused products and diets is high—whether it’s for one meal, one month or frames a long-term approach to eating. 

2022 trends that may make living amidst chaos easier
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2022 trends that may make living amidst chaos easier

How to launch a video marketing plan

Marketers know they need a video marketing strategy, but you still may still have some questions about how to execute such a strategy. Get your answers.

Difference-makers for setting and achieving your goals

There are many ways to set personal and professinoal goals for the year, but it's all about how you execute them. Here are 6 tips for being a better leader and achieving your goals.

How can leaders improve connection in the new year?

Resolve to improve your communication and connection by sharing more, creating space for others, listening better and more.

Readers respond with biggest lessons from 2021

SmartBrief readers send in their biggest education lessons from 2021 -- and editor Katie Parsons responds.