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A dyslexia expert explains how educators can support older students as they prepare themselves for the next chapter.

Editor's take: Telecom

Telecom mergers and acquisitions, the movement toward 5G and advances in hardware and services were among the top stoiries of Q1. Find out what's coming next.

Political savvy

Being politically savvy is a learnable skill. Here's what you need to know.

Major breaches, new attack methods and new approaches for cyberdefense

Major data breaches, new types of attack methods and a presidential candidate's hacker past are among the top cybersecurity stories of the first quarter of 2019.

How pet food is premiumizing

The clean-label trend has expanded to the pet food industry, as pet owners choose to give their four-legged friends fresh and healthy foods.

Antronix looks back on 40 years, explores what's next for cable broadband
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In this Q&A, Antronix exec Neil Tang talks about how cable broadband has changed, what’s next and how Antronix has tackled new challenges and industry evolution for 40 years.

Emotional intelligence

To be emotionally intelligent, you will need to spend time with yourself to better understand what makes you -- and others -- tick.

“Delegation is the skill that makes remarkable success possible.” Dan Rockwell

3 keys to boosting school safety

The Sandy Hook shooting changed Newton school superintendent Joe Erardi’s life forever. What he learned during the rebuilding process.


Athletics and politics are not the same as leadership, but there are lessons we can learn from stalwarts in both arenas.

How collaboration can help retailers, manufacturers solve the pricing puzzle [image: man and woman comparing products in grocery aisle]
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Prices in the grocery sector are on the rise, and a joint effort between manufacturers and retailers is needed to ensure successful price increases, according to experts at Acosta.

Do you enjoy negotiating?

Executive presence

You don't need to look outside for talent if you do a better job developing your employees' executive presence.

What’s trending? From brain science to SEL in high school, don’t miss these most-read stories.