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How to Grow the Green Mortgage Market

The housing finance system could be tweaked to make homes energy efficient and deploy more renewables

Leadership is a bumpy journey, but that's the job

Leadership can be a series of starts and stops, but that's how it is. Great leaders understand that and focus on "ensuring all your key players arrive."

Teacher-approved tools for digital math class engagement

Virtual manipulatives, digital notes and online games are just a few options for raising engagement in online-only math classes.

Why limiting mental shifts helps you at work

Multitasking isn't the solution many people think it is. Here's a better way to prioritize and actually get done what needs to get done.

How your multilingual marketing can strike the right tone

Sarah Evans of Sevans Digital PR writes about why voice localization is vital in international marketing and how you can ensure your next campaign sounds right. Evans also offers four ideas to improve your customers’ content experience.

Common workplace conflicts and their solutions

Mismanagement of conflict is often the bigger problem than the conflict itself. Here are some common examples and how to address them.

Top 10: Mondelez’ in-store bakeries, BBQ Holdings’ $13.5M deal and P.F. Chang’s To Go

Mondelez' plans to grow its Give & Go in-store bakery business includes adding brands like Oreo to the lineup.

3 trends keeping shoppers in the frozen food aisle

RangeMe’s Brandon Leong looks at how the coronavirus pandemic spurred consumer interest in frozen foods -- and that demand is not slowing down. He details three top trends.

Trends to expect when transitioning back to the in-person workforce
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What are companies doing to return to pre-pandemic normalcy? And what operational items have changed for good?

What the pandemic taught me about student choice

An AP History teacher shares the lessons about alignment, mastery, and grace that have been proven to foster success in any learning environment.

TikTok brings unexpected success for food, beverage industry

The social media platform has produced a new way for online creators to share food and beverage trends -- and brands -- that can become popular almost instantaneously.

To thrive, "return to work" can't be a return to strategic status quo

Returning to offices isn't about one way or the other but about accepting uncertainty and learning to be dynamic. It requires strategic thinking instead of tactical thinking.

Corporate buzzwords? Just say no!

May Habib, co-founder of Writer, an AI writing assistant tool, lists 20 buzzwords that every writer should remove from their vocabulary immediately.

Organize for understanding: How to fight information overload

Good presentations need to be organized or else you risk confusing or overwhelming your audience.

Tapping gamification to track student progress

Educators need information on where students are in their learning progress. Here’s how to glean it without inundating them with assessments.