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The goal of coaching is to help people bring out their own abilities and find solutions that already lie within them. Here's advice on how to do that through feedback.

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Why direct digital sales are key to success in the restaurant delivery space

Taking ownership of delivery orders through direct digital sales is essential for restaurants to stand the test of time, Olo founder and CEO Noah Glass writes.

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Remote work

Here are 10 tips that can help you be more effective in your communication with others, especially when you’re not able to interact in person.

taco bell hotel

This week, readers gravitated towards CPG stories, with new product news taking the cake in the top five most-read stories.

food shopping behavior

As the US economy continues to shift, understanding and meeting the needs of low-income consumers in the US has never been more critical.


Just as people express a common language through different accents, we express our common humanity from different perspectives. Finding the fusion is where magic happens.

Project-based learning gives English language learning students the opportunity to work on their communication skills while studying engaging topics.

When budgets get cut, how do you handle investing in your people?