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We tend to think about risk in terms of potential actions, but what are the risks of not acting?

Futures Industry Association President and CEO Walt Lukken

FIA warns of negative consequences of disjointed market regulations

The Engine is Red’s founder, Chris Denny, explores the worlds and values of investor-owned and independent marketing agencies.

compostable packaging

Whether you’re an operator or manufacturer, you should be concerned with how products are packaged, as packaging alone can sway consumers’ purchasing decisions.


In this algorithmic age, the true secret of successful cultural change is finding and augmenting the behaviors, patterns, and mindsets that are already working for you, rather than trying to superimpose the values of another company onto your own.

Q&A: The impact of price increases on retailers and manufacturers [Image: Woman looking over a shelf of bottled beverages]
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Rising commodity costs as well as growing transportation and packaging costs are driving price increases in the grocery sector. Experts from Acosta discuss which segments are most affected and what steps retailers and manufacturers should take.

Have you ever fired a client/customer?

Turn potential conflict into teachable moments for parents, teachers and students.

The “eatertainment” concept is growing throughout the country and companies are finding new and unique ways to appeal to today’s guests.

What’s trending? From metacognition to unstructured play, don’t miss these most-read stories.

Drone turbine

New drone hardware and software aims to optimize wind energy asset management.


This week’s most-read news in SmartBrief’s Food and Beverage briefs saw some big company names spanning CPG, food retail and foodservice with CPG news taking the top three spots.

What is it for?

The question "What is it for?" can help illuminate the purpose of what we're doing, thinking or saying.

Raising heroes

Tips and ideas for parents of students with learning differences.


Engagement is something all top organizations share, but it's easy for leaders to get it wrong.