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Leading like John Lewis: 4 pillars of leadership

The late John Lewis was a leader we should all know, and here's what we can learn for carrying on his legacy in our lives.

Leading with humor: Laughter Is an affirmation of humanity

Laughter and humor are good for the body and mind, especially during difficult times. Here's how the workplace can benefit.

Top 10: Mondelez makes growth plans, Trader Joe’s to rebrand ethnic lines

Mondelez plans to feed pandemic-era demand for comfort food, Trader Joe's will rebrand its ethnic food lines in response to demand.

Supplier communication boosts chef's confidence about what's on the menu
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Communicating with suppliers provides insights into the supply chain that let Chicago chef Guy Meikle feel good about what he’s serving and pass along that confidence to customers.

Using the target language with novice foreign-language learners

How do you teach a beginner-level foreign-language course without relying on English? Four ideas to help you stay on target.

4 keys to making online learning work

New to this world of virtual instruction? Here are four strategies to help you get moving.

The myth of low energy

What is energy? What is vitality? How are they different, and why does that matter for leaders?

Distance learning: How to really reach students

Open communication and innovative engagement can help strengthen the remote teacher-student relationship.

How to rebrand a company and find your true brand identity

Neuro CEO and co-founder Kent Yoshimura identifies five lessons his company learned after a recent rebranding.

The modern leadership style: Being, not doing

What qualities do modern leaders need? Here is a list from an organizational development expert.

The best finance news websites:  A wealth of information!

Are you getting your finance news from the best sources possible? Here are the top websites that SmartBrief regularly includes in our finance newsletters.

Your team needs an empathetic leader during a crisis

What does crisis leadership mean for helping your direct reports? Here are seven ways you can be connective and compassionate during challenging times.

How comfort food brands can chart a course for post-pandemic growth

As consumers continue to cook at home more amid the pandemic, pantry staples, frozen meals and comfort foods have an opportunity to grow their relevance.

How to navigate sensitive conversations on difficult topics

Difficult conversations, such as about racae, require self-examination and exploratory questions before progress can be made.

Top 10: Restaurant-inspired chip flavors, addressing the nation's change shortage

This week, readers were interested in Mondelez cutting 25% of its products and Americans loving fluffy Japanese milk bread.