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Freelancer Jessica Thiefels discusses how to set up shop in the gig economy.

Construction industry leaders value mobile construction management software, but some struggle to implement it effectively due to a lack of employee feedback before purchasing.

China has evolved from e-commerce toward social commerce thanks to platforms that rewards consumers with volume discounts when they buy in groups. Learn how and why group buying might be the future of online shopping in the U.S. through this case study.

Mindful health and wellness

From meditation to a focus on what can be called “mindful sourcing” in foods and beverages, consumers are increasingly taking a considered approach about not just food but health and wellness habits.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence requires pushing past your fear and thinking about something other than yourself. That can be surprisingly difficult.

Construction companies frequently market their commitment to safety and ability to finish projects on time. In today's market, it takes more than that to stand out.


In each of the conversations we have -- in every conversation we all have -- there’s a choice to be made: Close your mind or open your heart.

How to use content to drive sales -- without the hard sell

To create content that engages readers and builds relationships with clients, brands should focus on educating their target audience rather than making a sales pitch.

US Capitol

Along with their Constitutional responsibilities, Members of Congress must also manage staff, respond to constituents' communications and deal with the peculiarities of life on Capitol Hill.

The European Union's GDPR requirements benefit not only consumers but also provide opportunities for businesses to make beneficial changes as well.

How effectively do you feel you navigate office politics?

AGC Convention

During the Associated General Contractors' 100th annual convention, safety leaders showed how mobile pre-task planning and new-age helmets are reshaping safety.

An action plan for SEL

When anxiety, aggressive behavior spiked at a Wisconsin school district, administrators immediately created a plan to address it. See how.

Quality data and human insights lead to better marketing decisions
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In this Q&A, a Pathmatics exec discusses the changing ad landscape, innovation and the importance of real-time data with a human element.

travel technology

Technology for travelers is shaping expectations and changing the way people travel.