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Q&A: How one wine and spirits wholesaler found success in a new ERP system
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The scale and complexity of operating as a wine and spirits wholesaler has become more complex than ever before. We talked to Mexcor International Wine & Spirits about the ERP system it switched to and why.

Tech-driven innovations from other sectors that travel brands need to steal

With AT&T soon rolling out 5G in about a dozen US cities, this long-anticipated technology is becoming a reality and will further transform travel into a mobile game.

How to ignite your teachers for the new school year

A principal shares her secrets for creating positive attitudes and collaboration from day one.

How comfortable are you asking others for help when you’re struggling with work tasks?

How comfortable are you asking others for help when you’re struggling with work tasks?

3 soft skills that yield hard results when you speak

Jerry Sipp's acting workshop holds valuable lessons for speakers who want to be better at rehearsing and delivering presentations.

4 steps to a successful tech transformation

How to overhaul your classroom technology, even with budget constraints and a challenging infrastructure.

Technology, planning help travelers stay safe, healthy

Nothing is more important than safety when traveling in unfamiliar surroundings. Knowing where to stay, the contents of food and beverages, and how to handle an emergency all are essential to a safe and pleasant business or leisure trip.

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Health care must-reads: Consolidation, low-value drugs, competition and big business

What’s trending? From specialization to hospital pharmacies, don’t miss these most-read stories.

5 things that make work worth it

Pay is part of what keeps employees happy, but it's far from the only thing.

Get smart! Put your phone down

Life without our phones? How can be more thoughtful without it feeling like we're depriving ourselves?

Top 10: CPG revamps, Walmart’s supply chain merger, Cheez-Its and wine

SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers were drawn in this week by tales of new Pampers diapers and a Cheez-It wine pairing.

Leading from the inside

Three ways leaders can balance supporting their teams with tending to their own needs.

Customer retention: The next frontier for CMOs

Customer retention can be a small change with major impact. And yet, many CMOs don’t champion retention as a top priority even though it plays a large part in their long term success.