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As pandemic quarantines lift, brand marketing cannot maintain status quo

MightyHive’s Tobey Van Santvoord looks at four ways that brand marketers must change in a post-coronavirus quarantine world.

The top cybersecurity news sources you should be reading

Each day, SmartBrief editors aggregate cybersecurity news from dozens of leading sources. Here are the top sources that you should know about.

Top 10: Amazon Go adds locations, Hershey debuts Halloween candy, Uber buys Postmates

Food and beverage readers were drawn to groceries’ cashierless options, new CPG products and the $2.65B acquisition of Postmates.

Leading in times of crisis: 3 ways leaders can flex

Leaders don't get to pick the problems they must deal with. They must figure out how to lead regardless.

Why virtual learning works

Virtual instruction gives opportunity to teach important skills for school, work and life. See how.

The HR technology trends  that are defining 2020

HR Technology trends are constantly evolving, especially in a world where remote work is becoming the norm. Here are the latest HR tech trends to watch.

How to run an effective virtual meeting: Stop blaming Zoom!

The problem with meetings is bad meetings, not Zoom.

Commit to workplace diversity, including age
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older workers bring soft skills, industry knowledge, access to larger networks, background knowledge and life experience to their work.

Restaurant reopenings require balance between reassuring diners, reinforcing rules

Diners in many cities where eateries are reopening indoor and outdoor dining areas have flouted rules about social distancing and face coverings, despite restaurants’ efforts to enforce them.

How to achieve brand safety in digital advertising

SmartBrief discusses the importance of brand safety through native advertising.

How to disaster-proof your business and your life, part 3

The pandemic continues, and businesses are not out of the woods. Here are four experts on how to build disaster resilience and recovery.

Teaching world languages in the virtual classroom

Tools and ideas to support foreign-language instruction in a remote learning environment.

What are your expectations of team members when it comes to their development?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: What are your expectations of team members when it comes to their development?