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Reflecting on technology's role in learning environments

Here's what the last year of teaching has taught one district about selecting the right technology for our online, offline and hybrid classrooms. 

Grocers continue to make e-commerce moves

The pandemic has upended the grocery industry and food retailers large and small are catering to a more digital clientele.

Ad industry success and future depend on diversity

Advertising industry veteran Ron Owens says the industry’s diversity must echo that of American consumers it’s trying to reach, calling DEI “an economic necessity.”

Are famous leaders the role models you need?

Famous leaders have much to offer us, but their answers might not be our answers. The leadership journey is unique to each of us.

Top 10: Restaurant costs, PepsiCo’s work-from-home model, automated checkout at Amazon Fresh

Candy was also a category that many SmartBrief food and beverage readers were interested in this week.

Just because you're stuck doesn't mean you're staying

Feeling stuck in your career? Here are some practical ways to start moving forward in your leadership journey.

How comfortable are you with initiating "uncomfortable conversations"?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: How comfortable are you with initiating "uncomfortable conversations?"

Going beyond marketing, media and communications

SmartBrief’s Kelly Bragg and Sara Brigagliano detail four takeaways from the recent ASAE’s Marketing Membership and Communications Conference: creativity, experimentation, inclusivity and grace.

Real leaders never fake it

Being is CEO is much more than taking on the title. Learn more from a CEO who's been through it.

How the electrical tool sector is providing exciting career opportunities
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How the electrical tool sector is providing exciting career opportunities

REBA's Ballentine talks corporate renewable energy procurement trends

Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance CEO Miranda Ballentine outlines the continued growth of corporate clean energy procurement

Effective and easy ways to relieve stress at work

Stress is part of life, and many so-called solutions are too basic or confuse stress for anxiety. Read on for four practices that will really help you handle stress.

How to get higher ROI for used digital learning devices

Technology buyback programs can make new purchases much more affordable for districts -- here are some ways to make the most of technology buyback programs.

5 benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing

Most small-business owners see the need for digital marketing, but finding the time to develop, implement and maintain them consistently can be challenging. NetBlaze’s CEO Steven Clayton offers five reasons why outsourcing these tasks can be beneficial.