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Consumers consciously invest in a sustainable future through purchases

Given the mounting problems facing the planet and its global citizens, it comes as no surprise that consumer sentiment for real change has significantly increased.

How IIJA changes the value statement for construction technology

New-age construction technologies help DOTs make the most of limited funds. What happens to contech when the funding pot grows?

Redefining purpose to meet your mission

Purpose isn't a one-time commitment, as military veterans are familiar with. Our purpose must be reexamined and should evolve as we evolve.

Top 10: Snack trends, Burger King’s drive-thru, a Skittles bed

SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers were drawn to a bevy of different stories this week, especially news focused on snacks and sweets.

Asking questions can result in better connections

Questions can foster connections that lead to solutions

Elevate workplace conversations with these 2 words

An invitation to "say more" can bring out the best in your workplace conversations, whether you're curious, caught off-guard, unsure or even upset. Learn more about this communication technique for leaders.

Benefits and pitfalls of thought leadership

Thought leadership is a powerful way to cement your reputation as an expert and a trustworthy influencer. These strategies can give your business that competitive edge needed to stay top-of-mind with consumers, generate sales leads and close deals.

Health and wellness 2022: Navigating consumer aspirations, approaches

The pandemic created a renewed attention on some key consumer values that will be sure to extend well into 2022. Here are five around health and wellness.

Say "no" to unimportant meetings

If you can protect your time, keep yourself from being dragged into unimportant meetings that keep you from maximal productivity.

Integrating culture and history with robots

Here’s how a general studies teacher and a Judaics teacher collaborated to combine multiple subjects into one robot-based lesson.

3 challenges to overcome with self-serve digital conversion tools

As marketers have turned to self-serve ad platforms, they’ve found that these tools can lack connection to actual purchase results. AdAdapted’s Molly McFarland shares how marketers can respond to the top challenges of self-serve digital conversion tools.

Why we made the switch to full-time online school

Five families sound off on why they moved to virtual education and the wins they’ve seen.

What can one manager do about the Great Resignation?

The Great Resignation isn't about lazy people avoiding work, which offers hope to leaders looking to keep their people and survive this difficult era of work.

COP26: The Successes, Failures and Surprises

A roundtable discussion about all the news from COP26

Creating stability in a hybrid work environment

Workplaces succeed or fail based on how good the management is, not whether work is in person, remote or hybrid. But hybrid work does presen different challenges for communicating clearly and resolving conflict.