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Leadership during the new normal: The importance of purpose and values

Learn what kinds of leadership are required in this uncertain world from former P&G CEO and Veterans Affairs leader Bob McDonald.

Charting a course to a (better) new normal

The pandemic has leveled the playing field for educators and students -- both are in a place of uncertainty and transformation. How they can work together to chart a better new norm.

How luxury brands use celebrity influencers to attract Chinese millennials

Global luxury brands are hiring younger celebrity spokespeople to target China's millennials, who account for an increasingly large portion of luxury sales. Azoya’s Franklin Chu explores this trend and how luxury brands can reach these Chinese consumers.

We have a trust problem. Now what?

Trust issues are all too real for companies and organizations. Leaders can diagnose, measure and fix trust problems, however, if they know what to look for.

How the pandemic is shaping home cooking trends

As the coronavirus pandemic presses on, consumers have settled into routines that involve a lot more home cooking, and studies suggest these habits will continue after the pandemic.

How Autodesk Construction Cloud can help win proposal work
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How autodesk construction cloud can help win proposal work

Pause before you post: A lesson for leaders, not just teens

Offensive or poorly thought out public statements can do lasting damage, even when they're honest mistakes. Leaders need to be especially thoughtful before posting.

Character education and development during the pandemic

Practical SEL strategies and character development for younger elementary students in school and during school closures.

How much of a difference do you see between the roles of being a manager and being a director?

The latest SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: How much of a difference do you see between the roles of being a manager and being a director?

A 5-step plan for bridging the digital divide

Closing the digital gap is a big, complex problem. Kajeet CEO Daniel Neal offers a game plan to help.

How food halls are equipped to weather COVID-19

As the foodservice and hospitality industries begin reopening, food halls are demonstrating how they will survive the coronavirus pandemic.

"WOOP" your team's goals and find success

Are you a leader who wants to help your team focus in on goals more effectively? Try the WOOP process.

Bringing fun to lunchtime -- in the cafeteria and on the go
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School lunch procedures may look a little different this year, but meals crafted with fun in mind can nourish students’ bodies and lift their spirits.

Top 10: Uncle Ben’s moves forward with a new name, classic cereals travel back in time

This week top news reflected signs of the changing times via a few rebrands, a look at food retail and a catering to the wants of consumers who are perhaps yearning for years past.

The pillars of success for reclaiming the American dream

How do we make the American dream true for more people? 2 keys are building self-esteem and providing role models, as entrepreneur John Hope Bryant shares.