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Campbell Soup has a new soup strategy

Readers were drawn to stories from Campbell Soup and restaurant rankings this week.

Ease and authenticity: a winning combination for Idahoan
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Consumer demand for fresh foods is on the rise, but striking the right balance by delivering fresh taste and convenience can help packaged food brands succeed.

Bringing early education to urban students

The challenges facing economically disadvantaged students in cities are as diverse as the populations themselves.

How 10G will bring cable broadband to the next level
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In this Q&A, Antronix's president discusses the evolution to 10G, its challenges and benefits and how this technology platform will be more cost efficient and scalable.


Leading means embracing and modeling the new habits, new behaviors and new culture you’re working to create. This applies to feedback, too.

Frozen beer and cocktail slushies are a cool addition to summer menus
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Frozen drinks reach peak popularity in summer, and Taylor Company’s Zamboozy Adult Slushie Freezer gives operators a way to give a beer and cocktails a refreshing frozen spin.

Report: Foodservice industry continues to make progress toward a more sustainable, plant-forward future

Chefs, food companies and foodservice operators are continuing to nudge consumer food choices in a more healthful, sustainable direction, according to the 7th Menus of Change Annual Report.


Don't look for secrets and magical solutions to stress. The solution starts with you.

Trader Joe's private label

While “wellness” has become a most ubiquitous term, cultural assumptions about what health and wellness encompasses continue to evolve.

When you travel internationally, do you research cultural norms of your destination before going?

Districts need to convey their needs and goals to rally the support of the community in funding necessary school improvements.


How can leaders make the most of their time? One way is knowing the trends in how work is changing