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Digital bank engagement at all-time high

Digital bank engagement at all-time high

Top 10: Pringles’ new packaging, Coca-Cola’s recovery plan and Kroger’s e-commerce success

Kellogg’s debut of a new look for Pringles’ packaging was this week’s most clicked story.

Focus on employee needs when leading change virtually

Change management is difficult enough when everyone can meet up. Here are all the considerations and pitfalls leaders need to know for creating effective change in a virtual environment.

Taking a pause

The recent surge in coronavirus cases has forced many leaders into fast decisions, sometimes to their schools detriment. Four ways to hit pause and give yourself time to think.

4 ways to de-stress, from teacher-comedian Eddie B

Teacher stress is real, says teacher-comedian Eddie B. Here, he offers four ways you can get a handle on it.

3 ways to build better student writers

A success formula for helping students develop writing skills

As the year comes to an end, what are your expectations for next year?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll: As the year comes to an end, what are your expectations for next year?

Bridge the distance during virtual year-end reviews

Year-end reviews can't be brushed off, no matter how different work is now than a year ago. Here's how to prepare yourself for a strong, virtual year-end review.

2020 year in review: The return of the great American grocery store

As COVID-19 radically altered any semblance of a “normal way of life,” America’s food stores stepped up to provide essential services and, in the process, became consumers’ trusted allies in their struggles to cope with the new realities of the pandemic.

What do you need to be productive?

Career growth and achievement depends on being productive, and that means understanding what you need. Resources, technology, tools -- do you have the right ones and do you have the skills to take advantage?

4 major trends for digital marketing in 2021

Anvil Media’s Kent Lewis gazes into his crystal ball to see four trends in digital marketing we can expect for 2021.

Game-changers for remotely supporting students with special needs

A look at one teacher's favorite tools to adapt in-person classrooms to effective remote learning for students with special needs.

Get ready for 2021 with leadership principles

Define your leadership principles, and make sure all leaders and executives are aware and trained, as part of your planning for 2021.

Remote workplace trends for 2021
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What can business leaders expect to face in 2021? Here are some emerging trends in the remote workplace.

Leadership techniques for working with high-conflict people

When you find yourself in conflict with a co-worker, don't hide from it or write them off with labels. Instead, here are some ways to productively address the problem.