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John Cotton Dana, librarian and museum director
UN Dispatch: Over the past few days, Chinese authorities have detained a several hundred Mexican nationals in hospitals, hotels, and airports on suspicion of having swine flu. Even a Mexican consul in Guangzhou was briefly detained after returning from vacation in Cambodia. President Felipe Calderon said, "There are always people who are seizing on this pretext to assault Mexicans, even just verbally."
New Hampshire state Rep. James Splaine, who is openly gay, on passage of the marriage-equality bill he sponsored, as quoted in The Boston Globe
UN Dispatch: The UN's Special Tribunal for Lebanon, designed to investigate the murder of former Lebanese premier Rafik Hariri four years ago, yesterday released the only four suspects -- all "pro-Syrian security generals" -- that it still had in custody. The news prompted celebration -- featuring the mandatory firing of guns into the air -- in some quarters of Lebanon, including Hezbollah's.