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UN Dispatch: Cluster bombs scatter hundreds of small, unguided explosives over an area as big as several football fields. Usually, some of these small bombs, or submunitions, fail to explode when they hit the ground. These mini-bombs lie in wait like land mines, sometimes for years, unable to distinguish between a soldier and a child.
Out New York Assemblyman Daniel J. O'Donnell, on a possible delay on a marriage vote in the state Senate, as quoted in The New York Times
UN Dispatch: The fact that [UN Ambassador designate Susan E. Rice] is willing to stick her neck out and advocate for the muscular policies that it will take to bring mass atrocities to an end -- instead of merely issuing vapid expressions of horror, words of condolence, or the all-too-common pronouncements of 'never again' -- suggests that Rice is not delusional about the kinds of hard measures that the United States and its allies will have to leverage . . . Rice's experience with Africa and her 'sharp elbows' make her particularly well-suited to staring down Security Council challenges.
UN Dispatch: The world must avoid a "cheap and dirty" fix for the economy that could undermine the fight against global warming, the U.N.'s top climate official said on Sunday.