August 4, 2022
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Trends & Technology
Manufacturing supports, directly or indirectly, nearly 30% of all jobs across Illinois, generating up to $611 billion for the state's economy, according to a study for the Illinois Manufacturers' Association. The state's manufacturing sector has remained resilient in the face of the pandemic, but IMA President and CEO Mark Denzler says manufacturers must "do a better job of showcasing what manufacturing is" if they want to attract workers.
Full Story: KWQC-TV (Davenport, Iowa) (8/3) 
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A trend toward reshoring has led to a 116% increase in construction of manufacturing plants during the past year, while 92% of CEOs surveyed for a Kearney index have expressed positivity about reshoring. Companies should take advantage of programs meant to encourage reshoring while evolving to improve agility, attorney James Stone writes.
Full Story: The National Law Review/Jackson Lewis (8/2) 
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Adding additive manufacturing to its casting services expanded business for D.W. Clark by at least 15% and has helped customers save up to 90% on some tooling production costs, President Jeff Burek says. Burek explains the method, choices and challenges of 3D printing.
Full Story: IndustryWeek (8/3) 
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Seven industry experts talk about developing cybersecurity standards in this roundtable interview. "Today, security verification is performed post-silicon, mostly because mechanisms that can effectively verify security vulnerabilities and execute fault attack simulation at the RTL level do not exist or are extremely slow," Optima Design Automation CEO Jamil Mazzawi says.
Full Story: Semiconductor Engineering (8/4) 
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Supply Chain
Data tracked by the Aerospace Industries Association shows significant job losses to small and medium sized defense firms attributed to problems with the global supply chain. "It's essential that we build a pipeline of skilled workers, establish training and mentoring programs, create institutions and adopt policies that will encourage young people to develop these skillsets and pursue these career opportunities," write George Whittier, CEO of Fairbanks Morse Defense and Ben Bordelon, president and CEO of Bollinger Shipyards.
Full Story: IndustryWeek (8/3) 
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Industrial IoT
Swapping out purpose-built manufacturing robots on an assembly line to match a differently shaped object being lifted can be time-consuming and expensive, so University of Washington researchers have been working on an option that would allow manufacturers to just change the end of a robot's arm. The tool can design passive grippers that can be 3D-printed and are specifically designed to lift certain objects.
Full Story: Plant Engineering (8/4) 
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Efficient, data-driven predictive maintenance has helped food manufacturing make huge strides and Industry 4.0 promises further innovation as automation combines with connected workers. If US manufacturers in all industries used predictive maintenance, they could slash as much as 40% from factory costs and national savings could reach $627 billion, the McKinsey Global Institute reports.
Full Story: Food Safety News (8/4) 
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Holcim is investing in German concrete start-up Magment, a developer of magnetizable concrete, to expand on their collaborative development of a concrete formulation that could be used to charge electric vehicles and they move on a road. Edelio Bermejo, head of global innovation at Holcim, said the companies "share a common goal: to accelerate our world's transition to Net Zero through innovative and sustainable solutions."
Full Story: ITS International online (UK) (8/3) 
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Xcel Energy doesn't produce or sell electric vehicles, but it can and will take other stops to foster broad adoption, says executive Nadia El Mallakh. Xcel is investing in EV charging infrastructure and programs to help ensure all vehicles on the road use carbon-free power by 2050. EVs could be 80% cleaner than gas-powered vehicles by 2030 with additional investments in wind and solar, according to Xcel.
Full Story: E&E News (8/3) 
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Workforce of Tomorrow
The Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition in Ohio is becoming a blueprint for others in the state seeking "quick, easy and free" upskilling and training of manufacturing workers, Executive Director Jessica Borza says. Partnering manufacturers "are basically guaranteeing interviews and placements for all successful completers," Borza says.
Full Story: WFMJ-TV (Youngstown, Ohio) (8/4) 
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Editor's Note
A summary from a recent brief incorrectly stated the timeline of the workforce gap facing the manufacturing sector. It is 5 million employees by the end of the decade. SmartBrief regrets the error.
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