January 21, 2022
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Today's Special
Silog, a popular and versatile Filipino breakfast staple, starts with a base of garlic fried rice and eggs, and can be paired with just about any protein. In this recipe, Arlyn Osborne adds marinated beef called beef tapa for a common variation on the dish that is called tapsilog.
Full Story: Bon Appetit (1/20) 
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Culinary News
Sobre Masa in New York City can produce up to 1,100 tortillas in an hour, and part of the restaurant's mission is "getting tortillas into as many hands as possible," said Zack Wangeman, who owns the eatery with his wife, Diana Wangeman. The restaurant sells the tortillas on their own in packs of a dozen, and creates different types of tortillas to suit different dishes, from tacos to gringas -- a quesadilla-like dish served on a large tortilla made from starchy corn.
Full Story: Eater/New York (1/19) 
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The use of tropical flavors is expanding beyond pineapple and coconut to include guava, passion fruit, tamarind and jerk seasoning, and these flavors made Flavor & the Menu's list of 2022's top 10 trends because of their ability to deliver a sense of fun and happiness. To successfully add these flavors to modern menus, chefs should "look to the past at what was popular on retro menus, then take it over the top with innovative flavors and presentations," sad Kathy Casey, chef and owner of Seattle's Kathy Casey Food Studios-Liquid Kitchen.
Full Story: Flavor & The Menu (1/14) 
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Offering vegan tiered cakes that are decorated with maple leaves and flowers, Aimee France is one of several New York City bakers creating an assortment of cakes that picture scenes from nature. Amy Yip of Yip.Studio makes sculptural "rock" cakes with jagged shapes that come in flavors such as pumpkin and sweet potato and are decorated with fresh flowers.
Full Story: Vogue (1/20) 
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Beverage News
Nearly half of diners and drinks industry experts see regional representation as the most important consideration in the curation of a successful restaurant wine list, according to a survey by The Drinks Business. Price point, inclusion of new producers and compatibility with the food menu were other factors cited by the survey's respondents.
Full Story: The Drinks Business online (U.K.) (1/18) 
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A Side of Business
Christina Tosi dishes on what drives Milk Bar's success
Tosi (Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)
Christina Tosi opened Milk Bar in New York City in 2008, and today the bakery has grown to 12 locations in the US and Canada. Tosi, who reflects on her journey in the forthcoming memoir "Dessert Can Save the World," said part of the key to working with teams of employees in various locations is "connecting with them as people that are really important members of your life."
Full Story: The Cut (tiered subscription model) (1/17) 
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Local & Sustainable Spotlight
Bluestripe snapper is an invasive fish species found in the waters surrounding Hawaii, and local chefs are looking to incorporate the fish, known on the islands as ta'ape, on the menu to support the local fishing industry and help native species thrive. Ta'ape "has this very tender, white flaky texture that's very similar to a lake fish," said Lee Anne Wong, chef-owner at the Papa'aina at the Pioneer Inn on Maui.
Full Story: Conservation International (1/20) 
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CIA Offerings
The only program of its kind
(The Culinary Institute of America)
You can't find it anywhere else. The CIA's Master's in Food Business program is the only program of its kind, combining online learning with immersive, in-person residencies. The convenience of a flexible class schedule supported by real-world experience. It's the best of both worlds. Learn more.
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Roasted zuccuri and kale salad with chickpeas and tahini yogurt
(The Culinary Institute of America)
This hearty, delicious roasted zuccuri and kale salad with chickpeas and tahini yogurt is inspired by the flavors of North Africa. Zuccuri is a type of kabocha squash that is similar to a chestnut in sweetness and has a cake-like texture that pairs perfectly with the warming spices of this dish. To serve, chef Toni Sakaguchi from The Culinary Institute of America smears the tahini yogurt on a platter and places the roasted zuccuri and kale salad on top. Watch more videos and get recipes!
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