April 4, 2022
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The world is barreling toward irreversible damage from climate change, but the worst effects could still be mitigated if the world dials down fossil fuel consumption and rapidly scales renewables, energy efficiency technologies and other climate adaptation solutions, according to the third report in a three-part series from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

RESB Murmurs: There was lots of talk earlier today about how the release of this report was delayed by a few hours. I found that funny because ... I mean ... we're talking about a United Nations report. Did people really think there wouldn't be last-minute handwringing about every single word in it? - Sean
Full Story: ReNews (UK) (4/4),  The New York Times (4/4),  CNN (4/4) 
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The US has about 45 gigawatts worth of battery storage projects in the later stages of development and the technology could be a game-changer for the energy transition, but higher installation costs are cutting into demand and a confusing investment landscape are barriers to growth, according to LIUM Research. In this piece, the team from LIUM discusses the evolution of the US battery storage market, as well as growth projections and opportunities to accelerate deployment.
Full Story: LIUM (4/4) 
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US Climate Envoy John Kerry met with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Thursday to discuss a proposal for power reform under review in Mexico's Congress, but Lopez Obrador appeared unwilling to negotiate on aspects of the proposal, including one that would hinder foreign developers from building renewable energy projects in the nation. The proposal would also cancel contracts with private power plants, many of which consist of renewables, that feed into Mexico's grid and clean energy buying initiatives overseen by foreign companies.
Full Story: The Associated Press (4/1) 
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Policy Watch
Climate change poses a threat to every part of the US economy and could cut into the federal government's annual budget to the tune of 7.1% per year, which is equivalent to $2 trillion today, according to an Office of Management and Budget report ordered by President Joe Biden. "Future damages could dwarf current damages if greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated," write OMB officials Candace Vahlsing and Danny Yagan in a blog post.
Full Story: Reuters (4/4) 
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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has signed into law a bill that will direct $100 million toward community solar projects under the oversight of the Washington State University Energy Extension and with a focus on low-income communities. "We can do more to include everyone in the transition to a green economy and together, with this bill, we will," said state Rep. Sharon Shewmake.
Full Story: Solar Power World (4/4) 
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CFOs: Top 5 ways to drive growth
To enable the more strategic roles required in finance, a new approach is needed that encompasses data, automation, coordination, talent and partnership. A CFO can't do any of this without good data and systems that can quickly make sense of it all. Read More Now
Economy, Energy & Trends
Water is essential for copper mining, hydrogen production and other aspects of the energy transition, yet it's already in short supply in many parts of the world and the situation is expected to worsen as climate change accelerates, writes Jessica Alsford of Morgan Stanley. In this piece, Alsford discusses how water insecurity could hinder decarbonization, as well as opportunities to prioritize water security alongside the energy transition.
Full Story: Financial Times (subscription required) (4/3) 
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EnergyTag is working on new standards for tracking and verifying clean power purchases on an hourly basis, but this is just one of many efforts underway to facilitate around-the-clock access to carbon-free power. Jeff St. John of Canary Media discusses growing demand from companies, grid operators and governments for 24/7 carbon-free power, as well as why verifying clean power purchases on an hourly basis is so difficult.
Full Story: Canary Media (4/4) 
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TSE has introduced a new solar canopy for agrivoltaic sites that supports bifacial solar panels and rotates to make room for sprayers, spreaders and other machinery, potentially streamlining the agricultural production process at such projects. The system is ideal for farms that produce grains such as maize, barley and rapeseed or animals like sheep and cattle, said TSE.
Full Story: PV Magazine (Germany) (4/4) 
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Serenity Now!
Danish sculptor Thomas Dambo uses various wood and what he calls "other people's trash" to create giant trolls, some up to 30 feet tall. Dambo recruits local volunteers to help assemble the hundreds of pieces required.
Full Story: My Modern Metropolis (4/1) 
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