June 16, 2022
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Kroger partners with Itasca to update delivery software
(Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Kroger has partnered with Itasca Retail to automate and streamline its software system for receiving deliveries. Upgraded functions will focus on direct-store delivery products such as dairy, soft drinks, bread and beer, which make up a third of grocery sales, according to Itasca.
Full Story: Progressive Grocer (6/15) 
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Southeastern Grocers seeks more diverse suppliers
(Southeastern Grocers)
Southeastern Grocers is seeking more diverse suppliers with help from ReposiTrak MarketPlace. The platform enables retailers to use filters and search within categories or find specific products and contact suppliers who represent diverse ownership and underrepresented communities.
Full Story: Winsight Grocery Business (6/15) 
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Fareway cuts ribbon on newest Meat Market location
Fareway Stores has opened its newest Meat Market location in Des Moines, Iowa. The store features location-exclusive foods, such as steakhouse baked beans, smoked meatloaf, and brisket mac and cheese.
Full Story: Progressive Grocer (6/15) 
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conGRADulations Berry Academy Graduates
Mad for merchandising? Over the moon for organics? Well, then you're the perfect candidate for the Well•Pict Berry Academy. From cold chain management to transport, information about organics and merchandising tips, these short, engaging videos will get you ready for peak berry season. Click to enroll today!
Grocery pickup becomes more popular amid high inflation
(The Washington Post/Getty Images)
Grocery pickup orders spiked 9% in May compared with last year, while delivery rose 5%, according to a survey from Brick Meets Click and Mercatus. "Assuming the pickup experience aligns with customer expectations, showcasing the savings associated with pickup's lower fees, no fuel surcharges or zero tips can better protect your online customers and sales by highlighting a more affordable alternative to home delivery," says Mercatus CEO Sylvain Perrier.
Full Story: Winsight Grocery Business (6/13) 
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Baked goods and snack consumers are seeking foods that feature seasoning inspired by the "everything bagel," as well as ingredients that appeal to the savory umami taste, such as meats, Parmesan cheese and mushrooms, according to Kroger's 2022 Food Trends Report. "Both trends suggest that consumers are seeking out savory flavors, which are the opposite of sugary, fruity profiles," writes Donna Berry.
Full Story: Baking Business (free registration) (6/15) 
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Tech Solutions
Cloud-based food costing software ReciProfity is improving its help topics to better aid retail foodservice clients. The changes enable users to sort ingredients by weight, get inflation warnings for particular items and scan invoices.
Full Story: Supermarket Perimeter (tiered subscription model) (6/14) 
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Boost profits of even your top performing SKUs
Shelf Engine's automated ordering amplifies profit performance of even the highest performing, low shrink categories—and saves an average of 5 hours of labor per store, per week, per category that can be directed to higher-value work. Read the case study to learn more.
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Corporate Social Responsibility
Meijer customers can bring in their plastic gardening containers, including flower pots and trays, to the retailer's garden center for recycling. Meijer is also encouraging shoppers to drop off plastic bags and films at collection bins at its store entrances.
Full Story: Progressive Grocer (6/15) 
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Fresh Ideas
Mexico's lime season is off to a slow start
Hotter, drier conditions in key growing areas in Mexico are affecting the Mexican lime crop, and in some areas the harvest will be delayed from July to August. Mexico is the world's second-biggest lime producing country, according to the USDA, and lower volumes are expected to drive up prices.
Full Story: Fresh Fruit Portal (Chile) (6/14) 
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FMI Spotlight
When you think of innovation, what comes to mind? It's not often we think about the innovation that goes into creating a more efficient design for the packaging that protects the goods and products we buy and use every day. Innovation is happening constantly in the areas of sustainable packaging: from creating more efficient designs to using alternate materials and finding responsible sources of packaging. In a recent blog post, my colleague Andy Harig discussed the importance of sourcing more sustainable packaging to advance the food industry's sustainability goals and better align with consumer expectations. FMI's Sustainable Packaging Playbook can help retailers and suppliers re-evaluate packaging within their supply chains and seek sustainable alternatives that have a lower environmental impact. Read more.
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Most leaders have asked themselves this question at one time or another. Getting a clear, objective, and quantifiable answer, till now, has been a real challenge. Whether leading a committee, a department, a community group, a sports team or a small business, genuine leaders excel in 11 distinct and measurable areas. Join us on July 14 at 1 p.m. ET as we discuss the 11 most important leadership criteria with one of the nation's most successful store managers. Harold Lloyd is our host for this online seminar. Register here.
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