July 12, 2022
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Estimates of annual losses from hurricane damage may understate the real total by more than 80%, thus undervaluing hurricane-resistant construction, according to MIT researchers. The error is traced to the failure to take into account the density of a neighborhood and how buildings are configured in regard to a particular building, the research concludes.
Full Story: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (7/11) 
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ACI Updates
ACI offers nearly 30 certification programs designed to form a minimum qualification for personnel employed within the concrete construction industry. Since 1980, ACI has administered exams to over 400,000 individuals, with over 100,000 certifications currently maintained by ACI. Learn more about ACI Certification today.
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ACI SPEC-301-20 is a Reference Specification that the Architect/Engineer can apply to projects involving concrete construction by citing it in the Project Specification. A mandatory requirements checklist and an optional requirements checklist are also provided.
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Check out the ultimate guide for concrete contractors looking to ramp up their construction projects with an optimized preconstruction process.
Concrete Innovation
The American Society of Concrete Contractors has published an updated position on the water-cementitious material ratio for concrete receiving a trowel finish. ASCC recommends a water-cementitious material ratio of .50 as the ideal compromise between drying rate and finishing performance for slabs receiving moisture-sensitive flooring materials.
Full Story: For Construction Pros (7/11) 
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Reinforcing steel supplier and fabricator Bolsinger Rebar is introducing wireless devices that monitor temperature and electrical resistivity to determine if concrete is curing under ideal conditions that minimize thermal cracking and shrinkage. The SensyRoc devices can inform contractors when to safely remove formwork while offering recordkeeping data and instant quality assurance.
Full Story: Concrete Products (7/11) 
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Serbian researchers have examined the potential for use of self-healing, bacteria-based concrete to create a more sustainable cementitious material with reduced cracking and a longer useful life. Researchers said designing and monitoring such a system on a larger scale is "a difficult task" in real conditions, outside a laboratory, and noted that to effectively implement such systems, a microbiological view of the self-healing effect of bacteria-based concrete must be taken to select the best performing bacteria for self-healing.
Full Story: MDPI (Switzerland) (7/11) 
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Business and Policy Watch
Outdated application processes for funding under the bipartisan infrastructure law may mean that many communities most in need of funds will be among the least likely to receive them, write Ellory Monks, co-founder of The Atlas, and Shalini Vajjhala from the Brookings Institution. Some guidance for communities with less grant application experience is available, but "what is really required is a comprehensive rethinking of how small, rural, and low-income communities can more successfully apply for federal and state grants and loans," they write.
Full Story: Brookings Institution (7/11) 
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Terra CO2 Technology, a producer of a scalable low-carbon alternative to Type F coal fly ash for cement production, has closed a $46M Series A financing round led by Bill Gates-founded Breakthrough Energy Ventures. The company says its products can be manufactured locally in large quantities thanks to a production process that converts granitic or other aggregate feedstocks into ASTM C618-grade material.
Full Story: Concrete Products (7/12) 
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