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July 7, 2004

Marketing Trends & Research  Sponsored By:
Tobacco ads reflect industry's tough balancing act
Current ad campaigns by tobacco companies show starkly contrasting approaches, as some ads rebel against the nation's increasingly ardent no-smoking policy, while other ads try to embrace the healthy trend by touting less toxic cigarettes. The very different campaigns by companies like R.J. Reynolds Tobacco and Brown & Williamson reflect the industry's struggle to boost sales in a society that increasingly scorns its products, marketing experts say.   NYTimes.com (7/7) 

E-mail gains status in political campaigns
Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry chose to use e-mail yesterday to announce his pick of Sen. John Edwards as his running mate. That stamp of approval for e-mail could spur more use of this communications tool in political campaigns, columnist Kate Kaye writes.   MediaPost Communications (7/7) 

What's in a name? After Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., accepted to run as presidential candidate John Kerry's running mate, a clash over the campaign's official Web site surfaced -- JohnKerry.com or KerryEdwards.com.   The Washington Post (7/7)

Cablevision's Optimum Online launches Hispanic Internet portal with Planeta
High-speed Internet service Optimum Online has teamed up with Planeta Networks to launch a Spanish-language Internet portal dubbed Optimum Latino. The $9.95 per month service will feature news, multimedia and other types of content.   iMedia Connection (7/7),   Multichannel News (7/6) 

Making it manly to moisturize
The market for men's grooming products is taking off, with some companies crossing their fingers that the market ultimately may be as large as that for women's skin care. To overcome notions that cleansing, toning and moisturizing are "girly," companies such as Gillette are recruiting sports stars such as soccer sensation David Beckham -- a self-confessed moisturizer user -- to promote their brands.   BBC (7/7) 

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Company Watch 
McDonald's may ramp up ad efforts
McDonald's has boosted sales significantly since September, when its global chief marketing officer M. Lawrence Light presented the new ad theme, "I'm lovin' it." Now Light wants the fast-food giant to expand its marketing efforts much further, possibly including making its jingle available to be downloaded on the Internet as a mobile phone ringtone.   Bloomberg Businessweek (7/12) 

Google accused of trademark infringement by children's Web site
Google's latest challenge is not coming from a rival search engine, but rather from a children's Web site called googles.com, which is trying to block the search giant from venturing into new businesses aimed at kids. In filings with the federal Patent and Trademark Office, googles.com charges that Google is infringing upon its trademark and confusing investors and customers.   The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (7/7) 

New look for Yahoo!: Yahoo! is trying a new search look that includes different search results pages, unifying paid placement advertisements and stationing ads on the right side of the site only. This change follows a recent upgrade by Microsoft's MSN and Google, where all three search engines replaced bright colors with more muted lettering.   ClickZ (7/6)

Agency News 
New FedEx campaign will tout Kinko's acquisition, small-business appeal
FedEx has launched a new ad campaign, coordinated by BBDO, with the tagline, "Our office is your office." The commercials stress the company's recent acquisition of Kinko's, rebranded as FedEx Kinko's, and its benefits for small-business owners and mobile customers.   Adweek (7/6) 

Marketer News 
Nike sees marketing dilemma in sprinter Marion Jones
As the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, are inching closer, Nike is facing a tough decision on how much advertisement it wants to dedicate to star sprinter Marion Jones, who remains under investigation for illegal steroid use. Branding experts differ in their views on Jones' current marketing value.   The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (7/7) 

The Buzz (corporate announcements)
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Interactive Media 
Faster network means faster file-sharing on campuses nationwide
File-sharing is faster for college students with the help of a file-swapping service called i2hub because it works only at schools equipped with Internet2, a separate and much faster version of the Internet intended for academic use. The service allows people to download music, movies and television shows, but creator and University of Massachusetts-Amherst sophomore Wayne Chang says the site is not illegal because a disclaimer on the Web site says the service is for educational purposes only.   The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (7/7) 

Texas city police department experiments with digital video
The Tyler Police Department has equipped its patrol cars with a modified DVR system that automatically marks and records streaming video before and during an event. The system provides hours of searchable digital video saved to servers in the police headquarters. The police department says the system should save it about $50,000 per year in labor and other costs.   NYTimes.com/Associated Press (7/7) 

Verizon Wireless customers to get graphic weather info
Verizon Wireless customers will be able to get detailed weather information on their mobile phones as a result of a joint venture between Verizon and The Weather Channel. The graphics provided to Verizon's Mobile Web 2.0 customers will resemble those at The Weather Channel's Web site.   iMedia Connection (7/6) 

How Consumers Buy Home Electronics
By Krikor Daglian, Senior Researcher and Editor, eMarketer

eMarketer reports that according to a recent Vertis survey, those colorful mini-magazines filled with all kinds of products, product names and prices that get packed in newspapers are gratefully received by many who are in the market for home electronics. When Vertis asked what type of media influences their home electronics decisions, 28% of US consumers cited advertising inserts and circulars, while 22% favored TV and 18% picked newspaper ads. These three categories have varied in popularity in each of Vertis' polls since 1998, but all have remained significantly more popular than magazines, radio, direct mail and Internet-related media for home electronics buying decisions. Just 4% cited the Internet as the chief type of media influencing their purchases, and only 1% cited e-mail.

Brand name still has a huge appeal to US consumers when making their purchases. Although its importance has decreased relative to Vertis' 1998 findings, 40% of respondents still pick a product's brand name as the most important factor, after price, when buying home electronics. The study indicates that despite the many changes in the economy brought about by the Internet, some things remain the same. After price, consumers base their buying decisions on the brand names that conjure a positive image, and still choose more traditional media when making their decisions.


IAB News 
The 2004 Search and Cross Media Optimization Study (XMOS) Road Show is Coming to a City Near You
One day with us will arm you with new tools and tactics to get the most out of your search marketing and cross-media campaigns. For more information and to register, please visit www.iab.net/roadshow2004. Los Angeles (July 14); San Francisco (July 15); Dallas (July 20); New York (July 27); Detroit (Aug. 10); Chicago (Aug. 12). All cities: XMOS: 8:15 a.m. to noon; SEARCH: 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
IAB has issued an open call for industry feedback on the new proposed specifications for interactive rich media advertising and the use of pop-ups and pop-unders. The open call period will close July 2004 and following a review of the feedback, both sets of guidelines will become final. More information and the survey can be found at: www.iab.net.

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"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it."
-- Russell Baker


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"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it."
-- Russell Baker

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